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Sean –

Victim Location 48843

Total money lost $1,050

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Hello my name is *** *** and I have became a victim of someone who is VA Loans company name to scam people out of their money. The company is posing as VA and claims they are located in Texas. The supervisor for this company says his name is Roger Hardy and he has a employee that goes by Eric. This company who is claiming to be VA Loans are getting people routing number and peoples name and phone number threw other loan applications people are doing online.

This company says that the individual applying for the loan needs to have online banking set up to proceed with transactions. Once the individual whom is applying for the loan signs up for online banking the company who claims to be VA Loans will inform the individual if their credit score is to high or to low. In my case my credit score was to low, so the person Eric from VA Loans said that his company could help me improve my credit score by 120 points. All he needed to do is deposit a one time fee of $1,050.00 in to my checking account.

He said in order to do so he needed my online banking information and seeing how I am with PNC bank virtual wallet all he had to do was take a picture of the check and it would be deposited in to my account within 24 hours and he would give me a call back the next day at 9:00. I called my account in 24 hours before speaking to an individual at VA Loans and needless to say the check had not cleared. In fact the check had no funds on it to clear. the name on the check was *** *** not VA Loans. I than called the company of VA Loans at 1512-377-6952 and informed them that the check they sent had no funds on it and it wasn’t a real check. I also asked them who is *** ***. The individual on the other end of the phone proceeded to call me Bitche’s and tell me how he was going to do harm to me because he had my address. The person from VA Loans proceeded to continue calling my phone and calling my house phone yelling and cursing and making threats to harm me. Also needless to say the check that was deposited bounced and now m account is over drawn in the amount of $1,050.00.

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