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Ross –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

A brand ambassador contacted me and told me that I would be a perfect fit for their company, he asked me to fill out an application through Facebook messenger! the application process was super weird and they had told me that I needed to have over 30k followers but they’d make an exception for me. All I’d have to do is go on their website and choose 2 items and my brand manager will give me a magical code to make the products $0 – the items were pretty cheap and shipping was over 20US so I thought something fishy was going on. I messaged the brand ambassador and told him I could not afford shipping because i was out of work which was not a lie. He flipped out at me for wasting his time lol

Ryan –

Victim Location 10032

Total money lost $15

Type of a scam Online Purchase on Instagram is getting people to buy their product, but the order never ships and they don’t respond to complaints that the orders aren’t received. They just keep the money.

Mary –

Victim Location 84627

Type of a scam Employment

La Venne’s instagram profile DM’d me and complimented my profile, they said I had "model potential" and was the perfect candidate to represent them. They told me that if I became an ambassador I could pick out 2 of their products that would be free with a special code and each month I would continue receiving a free item, I only had to pay shipping. The jewelry they are selling was $30-$50 and did not look like it was high-quality. Shipping was about $15, which is way more than it would cost to ship two pairs of small earrings. I investigated their profile and found that all of their followers were obviously fake accounts, I looked at about a dozen of them and they all had less than 10 followers and no posts. On La Venne’s story they have pictures of "their ambassadors", posting about how happy they are to be part of the "La Venne team". But, when I looked at the profiles they claim to have as their ambassadors, La Venne was no where on their profile or in their posts and the images used on La Venne’s account of them had been stolen from their feed.

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