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Mandy –

Victim Location 80831

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Moving

I hired movers through Labor Works who damaged multiple pieces of furniture. They threw our furniture into the Uhaul without any disregard or caution of our stuff. Results from that includes damage to our leather sectional (they ripped chunks of leather off of it),scratched the paint off of multiple chairs and my table, put big scratches on both of my son’s dresser as well as scratched paint off of it,scratched my youngest son’s crib in multiple places,scratched the paint off of my son’s bed, broke off the corner of my bookshelf,put a 2 foot scratch in my hardwood floor, damaged the brand new banister in my house by making multiple dings in it. This company also left all the packing paper and boxes we used to cushion the furniture in our storage unit with, without bothering to let us know, and we had to go back and clean that out as well to avoid an additional clean up fee. I have been in contact with the owner who seems like he has no intention of having an insurance adjuster come out after i have requested and followed up with him a few times. He states he will not give out the insurance information and was giving me the run around. He is now requesting before and after pictures of all damaged which I do not have. I would like all the damaged items to either be repaired or replaced as well as have the banister fixed and the scratches on the floor.

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