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Michele –

Victim Location 39073

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Recieved an invoice from LabPartners. At first glance, nothing unusual about the invoice. It included an account number, it included my correct name and correct mailing address. It had date of service and current charges due. It looked exactly like an invoice that one would receive from a lab that had performed work for a doctor or hospital. However, I went to pay the bill online and no website was listed on the invoice. I called the number on the invoice and the young lady answered the phone acted very nervous and she had me verify my name, account number that was listed on the bill and my date of birth. She kept getting on and off the phone stating that she could not find my account. She finally said she found my account and it was for an outpatient procedure and labwork and I told her no I dont remember having anything around that time, I asked her for the doctor name and hospital name and she could not provide either. I told her when she could to call me back. I am weary because they had all my information and I provided them with my phone number and my date of birth because I initially thought they were legit. The invoice listed a date of service and charges but no doctor or hospital as place of service.

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