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Victoria – Feb 04, 2021

Wow. Can’t believe you people were that stupid. Who said that’s it’s a sucker born every day..was right. With all the information on social media about puppy scammers you were taking in..big time. Hope you learned something.

Ryan – Jul 10, 2020

Victim Location 11777

Total money lost $3,625

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Description of Complaint: On 6/30/2020, I signed a Bill of Sale for a puppy, named Bella, from Kyle Surage, at 910 Bexton St, Charlotte, North Carolina. The cost of the puppy was $600 and for an additional $75, the puppy would be delivered to.our home by the pet attendant from MacArthur Airport. The puppy was supposed to be delivered on 7/6/2020. That morning I received an email from the seller’s shipping company that the crate she was travelling in did not meet current FAA requirements for live animals and that I would need to pay $1,050 for a new crate, but that money would be refunded to me at the time of delivery.I paid the money via Zelle as directed.Then I get another email after pressing for details on her flight arrangements and arrival, stating that she did not have life insurance and that I needed to pay another $1,050; but that would also be refunded upon delivery.Finally, I was told that she was in Tennessee and that she would not be delivered that night, but we would have her by 12pm on 7/7/2020. After again pressing for more information that morning, I received another email from the delivery company saying that the State of Tennessee had a quarantine for animals and she might have to stay up to 12 days, but if I paid another $990, that would avoid that and she could still be delivered on 7/7/2020. Finally, I was told that another puppy on the plane had measles, and so Bella would need to stay and have extensive testing, but if I paid ANOTHER $1,000 the tests would be expedited and she would still be delivered that night. I refused and called them.out on a scam. I was threatened to watch my words because they might get me in trouble. The NC address is a vacant piece of land; the seller lives in Walkill,NY with Lori Arnold. They work with Robert Bilow and others. They run many websites:, and at least one other. Their phone number is listed in Eudora,KS. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. IT IS ONE HUGE REPREHENSIBLE SCAM.

Desired Settlement: Refund

Desired Outcome Description: I paid for a puppy that may or may not exist and was not delivered.That is Breach of Contract and want to be refunded the $675 I paid to Kyle Surage.Additionally, i want to be refunded the $2,950 that i paid Robert Bilow, supposedly of International Swift Deliveries.I want to be refunded a the total $3,625 I am owed and prevent this from happening to more people.These people are despicable and are preying on people; I also want them to be prosecuted for their crimes, both state & federal.

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