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Cassie – Sep 05, 2020

This app is a total scam I spent $160 in two days in 2 auctions and lost people are not dumb people will wait until the timer goes down to 1 to bid and it’s endless cycle new people keep coming into the auction and no matter how many times you bid more people are waiting till the last Second to bid and it will not end auctions last for 40 mins to hour for the winner to win a shoe for $17.00 even though they spent $200 to buy bids when they run out total scam

Sheena –

Victim Location 12345

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This site requires you to buy bids however the site keeps the money on the bids even when you do not win the item that you bid on. If you run out of bid you have to purchase more with no guarantee of getting your money back even if you lose. The owner of the site keeps the money from losing bids. This does not seem ethical at all. His marketing is extremely misleading as well stating that items only costed the bidders price however not mentioning or including the amount of money spent on bids to win. If you bid and lose then you lose your money for nothing.

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