Lake Placid Sleigh Rides / Adirondack Equine Center Horse Rescue

Lake Placid Sleigh Rides / Adirondack Equine Center Horse Rescue Scam or Legit? Check Lake Placid Sleigh Rides / Adirondack Equine Center Horse Rescue Reviews below.
Zachary –

Victim Location 12180

Total money lost $111

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I made reservations for my family and I to go on a horse drawn sleigh ride. I paid $111, got a confirmation number, and we all got excited. The time comes and we pull up to the address and there is a gate to close off the driveway with a sign advising us to call their number. We did. NO ANSWER!! The roads are covered in snow, my kids are crying, we wait about 30 minutes in disbelief that we are getting stood up and decide to leave. The following day I call and this rude lady answers saying she has been sick the past three weeks and to come later that day. There was no way I wanted to do business with this company and requested a refund. She says to send an email and I should get a reply back in 1 to 2 days. It has been two weeks since I sent an email and no response. I have called many times and there is no answer. Call. No one will answer. Try to make a reservation online and you will be able to. Really don’t because you will never see your money but the process is in place to make one. I wrote a comment on their fb page and they deleted the comment and made it so no one can comment. I wrote a review on Trip Advisor and looked today and there are 3 other posts of people having the same problem. Being robbed and stood up. I wasted my time, they stole from me, and most importantly my little kids were so disappointed and were crying because they couldn’t go on a sleigh ride pulled by horses. I called Lake Placid and spoke to a city clerk who advised me they recently got in trouble with their horses and money. There is an article on it. I spoke to the State Police and they are aware of this company, they have many complaints, and he informed me it is being investigated and there is an open case against this company. The website needs to be deleted. People need to be aware it is a scam. Their business needs to close down and have a gate remain permanently closed for business. I hope taking the time to fill this form out something positive will come from it. Even if it prevents someone from making a reservation.

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