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Gerald – Nov 04, 2020

Victim Location 97219

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Found the puppy of my dreams online, immediately filled out a request for purchase.

Was contacted the next morning by someone who obviously didn’t speak English as a first language. (Not a game changer of course, but it’s a small red flag.)

They assured me everything was legit, but then refused to answer simple questions about the dogs papers, vet records, shot schedule, and questions about parents. Requested only a Zelle payment- no debit.

I called this person to get a better feel for the situation. He had an African accent and told me his name was Guialem and to send the payment to [email protected]

At this point I still want the dog but am even more uneasy. I told him I wanted to video chat so I could see the dog in action. He then sends more photos of the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen.

I ask him for a photo of his ID, "just so I know who I’m sending my money to." I get no answer. I then send him a picture of myself with my ID next to my face. (This is probably not advisable.)

He then sends me the photo ID of an older American lady who lives in Aspen, CO. He claims she’s the owner and he’s doing all the work. I ask to speak with her and he says that’s impossible as she’s not there and doesn’t want to be bothered by such things. He then pushes more for the payment, saying "there’s other people who want the dog, so unless we get your payment soon blah blah blah."

Ok so I take this lady’s ID and look her name up. Found it along with her phone number. Called her. She was really nice. Said she just got scammed out of $3500 for a puppy (French Bulldog.) When I told her how I got her info, she was not surprised and told me they had her share her license when she got scammed.

I then replied to the scammer letting him know I was onto him, that he was a bad person, and I’d be spending my day trying to ruin his theft operation. Haven’t heard back yet.

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