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Mathew – Oct 27, 2020

I was scammed by this [censored] company. I sent by moneygram $900 to two guys in Ontario Canada! I’m on social security and I want my money back! Please help me get my money back! I was promised $5000 loan but I had to pay $900 because of my credit score. The person that called me was Karen Miller. After I sent the money she told me the money would be deposited into my bank account the next day and it wasn’t! I’m so upset! These people should be put in jail and made to give me and these other people their money back! Please help me!

Katie – Oct 27, 2020

I lost $900 for a loan by a Karen Miller. I want my money back! How do I go about doing this? Please let me know. 301-908-7307 I tried calling Karen Miller back many times after sending my $900 to two different guys in Ontario Canada. I’m so upset because I’m on social security. I believe they prey on people who get social security and who are senior citizens!

Philip –

Same is in progress for me out of California. If these people are in ca. Why isn’t law doing anything. Riverside lending group faxed me a contract for loan 5000 had to pay 3 months payments up frount. Ca. Has passed a law that loan companys can not ask for up frount payments so how are they getting away with this, taking poor, low income people out of their little money. I want them prosecuted and force them to give me the 5000. The co. Was riverside lending group 12100 wilshire blvd. Los angeles ca.90025 phone 877 249 7182 jessica davis ext. 5 l know they are there as they answer when l call and they recieve my fax. My name is benjamin chitwood [email protected] phone 828 214 0475. Call me.

Lucas –

Brenda Bell called me and told me I qualified for a $8000 loan and she sent me all the paperwork and first off I had to pay $720 for three months of payments. After I pay that $720 then she called me back and said I had to pay another 720 because of my credit. So I paid that and then I was notified by David and Customer service that I had to pay $1500 for insurance in case if I didn’t pay my loan I paid that and my loan wants to be in my bank account on December 20 before noon Eastern standard time nobody would answer the phone I’ve never received my love and I’ve never received my 3000 back that I’ve paid in. I feel like I’ve been scammed.

Levi –

I was told I was approved for a loan of 5000 dollars. I had to send them 6 months of up front payments of 1000 dollars. I never got the loan and now I am waiting to get my money back. Brenda bell scammed me out of my money and I need it back
Lisa becraft

Daisy –

Victim Location 21061

Total money lost $1,080

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I have been dealing with Lakeridge for about 2 weeks now. I first spoke to Sarah in regards to being approved and having to pay a collateral. After paying my first collateral, I was told that a reassessment had been done and additional collateral was needed. Understanding that some loans require collateral, i didn’t think anything of it. After finally completing the second collateral, Sarah informed me that after 2hrs, I would have the money in my account. When 2hrs had passed, I called back and was then told that my account was on hold due to insurance being needed. At this time I was irritated and highly annoyed. I mentioned to Sarah that my contract does not speak of insurance, only collateral. She became verbally combative, telling me that it’ll take 25-30 days for a refund and hung up the phone. I am now $1080 in the hole, facing a major living issue and completely disgusted. Do not trust anything they tell you.

Veronica –

Victim Location 20743

Total money lost $460

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Ashley Love called me and said I was approved for a loan of $5000. I had 2 options because of my credit score. Either have a co signer or make a payment of $450 which would go towards the principle of my loan.I signed the contract and faxed it to Ashley at 1-818-245-1694. I was told to send the money through Money Gram because if I did it through the bank it would take 5 business days for the money to go through. I paid the $450/$460 due to sending fees. I called Ashley and gave her the reference number and she said the money would be deposited in 1 hour. When the hour passed Ashley called me and told me that the lender (who was in Canada, Joshua Greene is the person I sent the money to. I was told that the reason the my interest rate was at 8% was because the lender was in Ontario, CA), wanted me to send another payment of $450 because my credit had changed since initial contact. I told them no and I want my money back. She said it would take 30 days to get a refund. This was last night and I haven’t heard back from her. Is there anyway to get my money back?

Vanessa –

Victim Location 95132

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Contacted by someone claiming to be Amanda Martin. from Lakeside Financial Group. I was applying for payday loans and assumed this was a reply to my inquiries. Caller stated that I was approved at 8% APR for a $5000 loan. IN order to get the $5000 I had to pay a collateral deposit of $450 equal to 2 months of payment. I am an African Amer. male and the caller was definitely also the same race – we made a one line comment at first. I looked at the website and the woman listed was Caucasian and after performing a Google Image Search, all the pictures that were supposed tp be staff were all stock pictures. When I called the # back the woman sounded like she was at home and the background noise was children and water. The fax # listed us 818 245 1694 which coincidentally match up to another advance fee scammer called Apex Lending Services

Christine –

Victim Location 95051

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Karen Miller called me and said my $5000 loan was approved at an 8% APR. I was online looking for loans. I also have this information via email. I was given 3 options in order to secure the loan and show the lender that I was making the choices in good faith. I opted for the 2nd choice which was to make 2 payments- I was told I needed to make a payment of $450 first and within 2 hours, I would receive my $5000. The $450 was collateral which was 2 months of payments. I looked up the company and they were not listed anywhere. The other alternative was to get a cosigner with a 720 credit score making $50k a year. I could not come up with the $450 and asked if I could get the cosigner and Karen indicated it was too late since she had already advised the lender would be making the deposit. I looked up the website and did a search on the pictures and they are stock images. This place is a scam

The fax # provided, was also used by Apex Lending Group, which also has the same

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