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Cassandra – Jan 06, 2021

Called me stating that I am wanted for knowingly committing fraud to a financial institution. That if I don’t call them back I will be sued and have my wages garnished. Don’t know who they are but I’m not calling them back.

Andrew – Aug 06, 2020

I have read several complaints and mine is exactly as all the others a pass collection with ACE CASH EXPRESS, I had one guy handling my account and than all of the sudden for several weeks I heard nothing from him after leaving messages I was told he was fired I ended up with a female who took over my case sounded legit I reinstated my payment again, and have not heard from them till now another payment was to be taken on the 1st and no one withdrew it I removed the cash on the card after reading up I had a very ugly message threating me after I told them I would report them for harrassment and intimidation they lowered my payment not sure why are people so evil any way thanks for the time

Trevor – Jul 23, 2020

This company is a scam. They are operating under many business name Lag Llc. I lost 1000.00..
Initially when they called said it was about a old loan I had with ace cash express over 7 years ago. They sent me a adobe sign. At the time I was going through so much I didn’t review the paperwork as I should have. They agreed to do 100.00 a month. I called the number on my adobe sign 844-742-9335 and spoke with a John. The other number they had is 909-962-7072 I told him I lost my debit card and I needed to stop my automatic payment. He told me I couldn’t stop auto pay. That raised a red flag because on the adobe sign it clearly says you can but they need 3 business days to stop it. Also the huge red flag was 10 months later I got a call from 203-204-2400 and also 203-488-2431 leaving the same message saying they were from mediation services and legal action was going to be taken against me. ( after I was on a payment plan) I start doing research and called back. Here Is where it got interesting. When the guy answered the phone I asked him what is your business address. He stated he was new didn’t know it. So I ask him again and he stated he will have John call me back. The next day I called and got a jasmine she immediately wanted to go into who they were. So I asked her what is your address she was talking over me being rude she hung up. I called back and she answered I asked her again she hung up. When I tried calling back she had blocked me because my iPhone said busy signal So I called from my daughters phone block the number and John picked up. John new the number I was calling from was blocked because he told me so. I immediately asked him what is your address and he went into his spill of legal action being taken so I said what is your address. He said you know I do this for a living right. I said this is a scam he said if you think this is a scam why would you call back. That’s when I said your right and hung up. Every number I called it was John who I got. Do not believe these people they are scamming just glad I got out of it when I did. Do not believe these people at all tell them to send you whatever information they have to the address on file and hang up. They try to scare you and talk over you.

George –

Victim Location 75238

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A guy by the name of Sean Davis contacted me about debt that I had taken care of 8 years ago saying that if I did not send them 1045.00 that legal action will be taken against me. And he called my mom and my stepmom whom I never put down as references for anything. He also said that they would put a Lien on my car that I’m currently making payments on and my house that I don’t own… he also emailed me a document to sign so that I can start a payment plan I never signed it….

Megan –

Victim Location 80220

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This company called and left a voicemail saying that someone had filed a complaint against me and I needed to call before legal action was taken. They also called my mother and grandmother stating they were a detective and sergeant and that I had pending legal action against me.

When my wife called back they said they were calling in reference to a debt owed to Ace from a loan. They only spoke to my wife and didn’t bother asking me personally for permission to speak to her about the debt. She said she believed it might’ve been from when my mom pulled out a loan for school or something but she had said she paid it. She said we would do a payment arrangement but when we got the email to sign it was from a mediation group not an attorney office.

We asked my mother who said she had paid the loan. We then contacted the attorney generals office who said that the company has no license to collect in Colorado especially not on a loan from over 10 years ago.

We then contacted the CFPB and filed a complaint and they stated that whether a debt collector or mediator they have to provide us with a letter of validation when asked otherwise it’s a scam.

This company called back and once again my wife spoke to them and they said that my mother was a liar and that she didn’t pay anything and that they didn’t have to provide us with a letter of validation at all and if we didn’t agree to something by the end of the day they would take legal action.

We have since then canceled our card that they got the number for during the first call and have not signed anything.

Rachel –

Victim Location 95965

Type of a scam Other

I have been repeatedly called at work,and threatened with jail time by them. They will not give me any info except to say there is a case against me and to call the number or have my attorney call them to settle. the phone number they use for call back comes back as a possible scam. They are very aggressive and become upset when I ask for further information. They threaten to call my HR dept. They sent me a fax with what appears to be a fake letterhead, because the name does not match the website.

Gregory –

Victim Location 78539

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Debt Collections

had all personal info, address, ss#, etc; once I agreed to pay they sent an email to sign a contract for 10 months; the company information is fake

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