Lamara Schnauzer Yard AND Lamara Schnauzer Home

Lamara Schnauzer Yard AND Lamara Schnauzer Home Scam or Legit? Check Lamara Schnauzer Yard AND Lamara Schnauzer Home Reviews below.
Roberto – Jan 10, 2021

We were scammed and it feels horrible. I thought it was a legit breeding company. Went to and found the puppy we liked and hit the contact us button. It took a week or so to hear back. Long story short, they asked us to send the money via cash app. The name used was $Tricie Dell. I had no clue who this was but without catching the red flags I still sent it. We were so eager and excited to be getting a puppy. Then they sent us to Airway Carriers and that’s when things just didn’t look right. They told us we needed a thermal crate and said it cost $925 and was 100% refundable. Wanted us to pay thru cash app. We declined. We called the breeders at 269-421-1829. They did not pick up.

Joshua – Dec 15, 2020

I fell victim to this scam. Same dog as the picture above. $800 to Liam Schnauzer Puppies and $900 to Air Way Carriers. I reported them to the FTC, IC3 and [email protected], and I filed a police report. The most recent website is

Christine – Nov 16, 2020

They still have this puppy on their site… saying it’s 10 weeks old. I am speaking with someone there.. but the email is from [email protected] EVEN thou I went thru the lamar website. Then I started digging when they said they only would use cashapp, applepay or zelle… I asked for paypal or venmo and they said no but I could go get a Amex Prepaid visa at any walmart or whatever. So upset.

Courtney – Aug 11, 2020

We were about to pay $800 for a schnauzer puppy and did some digging. Their website is registered in the UK and possibly Cameroon. I asked for a recent photo with a newspaper and they sent me a video a puppy playing. Cut off ties. Their address on Wolf Run Drive is the same as Pit Bull Homes listed by the BBB under ‘dog breeders’ near Lansing MI.

Stephanie – May 15, 2020

Victim Location 42104

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The scammers website when I viewed it (yesterday, May 14, 2020) was “Lamara Schnauzer Yard." I figured out it was a scam and cut ties with them. I went back to view their website today to see if they have changed it, and they have. When I went back to view it is now “Lamara Schnauzer Home.” They misspelled “schnauzer” on their website.

Throughout correspondence with whoever is running this scam site via email, their grammar and spelling was horrid. This made me think English wasn’t their first language so I ignored this, even though it should have been a big red flag. They asked my information as most real breeders would, my experience with dogs, neighborhood, etc. Throughout this, I thought this was a true person with a true breeding license, just not great at English.

They later texted me instead of emails. The phone number they used to text me to try and receive payment from me was: 616-319-3741. When I tried to call their number to see if they would FaceTime me with picture of the pups, they ignored my call. The email they used was [email protected] They stated their NAME (when I asked who I was corresponding with) was Njouomo Laurelle. When I Google Mapped their street address of Woodstream Dr, Lansing, MI – Woodstream Dr wasn’t a street that was even remotely able to have a "Schnauzer Yard" there.

They tried to get me to pay them $865 for a puppy and shipping cost. They would only accept payment via OneVanilla Visa pre-loaded gift cards from Wal Mart, or CashApp. Their CashApp Tag is $Norisa44, CashApp Name: Nate Nate.

The CashApp app luckily kept catching my payment as fraudulent. When I asked if they would accept PayPal they dodged my questions. I also asked if I could drive to visit them to pick up my puppy instead of shipping, to which they avoided that as well. When I asked to see the puppies before sending payment, they asked “are you skeptical?” to which I responded, “yes, I would just like to see the puppies to confirm this isn’t a scam” and they said “well you can take your business elsewhere if you don’t believe us" with no further communication.

I later did more digging to find this website has been reported before, but under "Lamara Schnauzer Home" and they were corresponding with me as "Lamara Schnauzer Yard."

Krista – Aug 11, 2020

Ralph Clark
Slanesville, West VA

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