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Alejandro – Feb 02, 2021

Recieved similar letter . Walmart gift cards cashier check for direct relief. I don’t know how these people got my address or my name for that matter. Too many flaws to not know the check was fake.

Kristen – Jun 12, 2020

Victim Location 43205

Type of a scam Employment

I got priority mail with a check in it that says Dollar Bank for $3890. The letter says the agent number, survey and research document. Kindly text only to 346-333-0478. You will be evaluating your bank in procesing your check, and procesing a cashier’s check, then shopping at Walmart stores. There have been reports of lack of service in the banks and Walmarts in your area. You are to help them work on improving theier services while you remain anonymous. You are to deduct $350 as your salary. Your report [email protected] First cash the check at your bank instantly. If you can’t cash it deposit it. Deduct your salary, then purchase a cashier’s check of $20 made out to breast cancer research. text 346-333-0478. Buy a Walmart item for $50 and kep the item. Then buy $1700 in denominations of $420 each. tell the cashier you are buying gift cards for loved ones. As you step out of the store text pictures of all of the numbers. Then go to a second Walmart, buy and item to keep and buy cards. Email me after you have finished. Kindly provide the name of the cashier. After completion of the report, you are entitled to a bonus if you can complete your first assignment in 24 hours of $100. You must email your assignment report and pictures of cards. The return address is: ******** ** * **** **, Wilkes Barre PA 18702

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