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Alan – Jan 26, 2021

I am currently trying to dispute the authorization pending transaction for $111.90. I received an email from Supportlanceperfector thanking me for my order! The authorization with my PayPal connected with my bank causing me to be negative in my personal bank account. The transaction happened this morning around 12AM. II originally also participated in a survey comparing Home depot/Lowes and at the end offered a free gift with a one time charge for shipping and handling $7.95. I have spent all day looking into the matter. I will have to go to my bank because PayPal says that the transaction is not completed but it still put a pending charge on my personal bank account and the payment expires in 10 days then my balance will be corrected! Unfortunately it caused my account to be on hold and I can not transfer funds as well as I cannot get a response from the Seller who came up as “GETTRUAXSMARTPRODUCTSC” I had my PayPal key deleted as I changed my password to the account. This has caused a burden at this time for I have just been laid off a month ago. I tend to do surveys on my spare time and did not think that I would let another scammer fool me. I hope that some how this can get flagged so no one else falls victim to this expensive free gift during this time of hardships we are all struggling through with the devastations occurring world wide. I will return tomorrow with an update my process, hopefully this can be shutdown ASAP

Alex – Jan 27, 2021

Same story! I just received notification from LancePerfector that my $111 was being refunded. I just went through it myself on Monday, so quick turnaround for me. I made sure to tell the customer service person I talked to that it was a scam, I would report them to the Better Business Bureau and I would make sure they got no money from me. I also filed a complaint with my bank. The bank gave me their 800 number so I could try resolution on my own. 800-631-7185

Bonnie – Dec 24, 2020

I had the exact same experience described by the three entries above. I received a request to complete a satisfaction survey and then given the opportunity to pick a reward at the end. The co dictions only described having to pay shipping and handling for the product chosen. I then received my product in the mail. A few days later I got an email ‘confirmation’ for what they claimed ro be a Cycle 2 of products and a charge on my bank account in the amount of $111 for ‘LancePerfector’. There isn’t an option to call to cancel this ‘subscription’ I never authorized. It is maddening that they would do this. I will also call my back to report this as fraud.

Cheryl – Nov 29, 2020

I signed up for a free trial which included only paying the $7.95 shipping. After a week, the company charged me again but this time over $113. I clicked on the order link but it went to an unknown website. I’ll be contacting my bank on Monday to file fraud charges.

Claire – Sep 28, 2020

I chad the same experience as the last poster. I was told I was getting a free gift which linked off a Home Depot order I had placed and realizing what they were up to within minutes I canceled the order and received an email saying nothing more would be shipped or charged. Now there is an email saying they are charging me $111. And it they are using more than one company name so it gets very confusing.

Bryce – Aug 25, 2020

Victim Location 92234

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received an email from what I thought was ***** bank asking me to fill out a survey, which stated I would receive a free gift if I completed the survey. I completed the short survey and was provided some choices on my free gift. I selected the sample skin cream. Once I provided my credit card info (stupidly), this company charged my account 39.95. Fortunately my credit card company declined that transaction because it was suspicious. I cancelled my credit card. I was subsequently sent an email from the lancee support email address saying my credit card was declined and they were trying to charge it for a $103 product. I sent a reply to that email to let them know I never authorized that purchase and to cancel any subscription they signed me up for. I received several more email and each time I would follow a link to cancel my subscription and I would get an error so I couldn’t automatically cancel it. I just received a call from a New York number (332) 322-7891 saying I had to provide them with a new credit card number or they were going to flag my credit score. This company is devious and has no online way to resolve my disputes.

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