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Miranda – Aug 26, 2020

Victim Location 59720

Total money lost $2,500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Fraudulent “Puppy” Scam:

For the past few months, while I have been recovering from a Stage IV Cancer diagnosis and multiple major surgeries (4 since MAR 2020), I have been researching potential puppies as support partners. I chose a Labrador retriever as the “right” partner for my remaining time on the Earth.

After an exhaustive search for the “right” puppy, I found a silver/grey female lab in Seattle, WA. Premier Labradors. (ALL information on the Breeder and Transportation Company are below).

Upon contacting Premier Labradors, I was notified by Kwesi Tuffour of Premier Labradors, that the puppy in question was available and ready for purchase and delivery. The cost = $1,000 (US). Credit Cards were not accepted by the breeder; so, only “CashApp” or “Zelle” (both widely accepted applications for payment) were available for use. Contacting my bank (First Horizon), they recommended Zelle, due to the link that it has with the existing First Horizon online banking platform. I paid $1,000 to Kwesi Tuffour using the Zelle application (SEE BELOW). This was to include the cost of the puppy, the up-to-date vaccinations, and the travel expense to deliver the puppy tio Bozeman International Airport in Montana. Having done this for my last lab from Iowa, and did my due diligence, and found no “red flags”. The Zelle payment for $1000 was delivered on August 24, 2020 (SEE BELOW). For the next few hours, I received text messages from Kwesi Tuffour confirming receipt of payment, and details pertaining to the delivery (SEE BELOW). No “red flags” were apparent to me at this time.

On Aug 25, 2020, at 5:43pm MST, I received an email from Lancelot Shipping (SEE BELOW), stating that due to the coronavirus epidemic and the age of the puppy, all pets were being tested for “normal” travel diseases (being confined with other pets, etc. during travel), and I would receive the results within 12 hours. At the completion of this, the animal would be ticketed and all details would be forwarded to me via email. I received the email in the early hours of Aug 26, 2020. (SEE BELOW).

The first “red flag” occurred the evening prior, when Lancelot Shipping requested an additional $1500 for an “insurance policy” to cover the animal during delivery, that would be completely refunded AT DELIVERY (SEE EMAIL BELOW). The details made some sense (especially during this quarantine/epidemic. Upon receiving the “results” email in the early hours of Aug 26, 2020 (BELOW), all the “red flags” were turned on. They asked for more $$$$ due to the needed vaccinations and the upgrade of the traveling “cart” because of the extended time period needed for delivery and testing. (SEE BELOW). I immediately tried to contact Premier Labrador and Kwesi Tuffour, but to no avail (SEE INFO BELOW).

After contacting Lancelot Transportation again and asking for either a FaceTime or live video of the animal, the “employee” told me that I would not get reimbursed for any $$$ until the delivery occurred. I immediately tried Premier Labradors again (no answer). I then contacted my bank and asked for information on Zelle and potential reimbursement.

I have not been contacted by either Premier Labradors or Lancelot Shipping since this email.

William – Aug 25, 2020

Scam, they get your money. You didnt receive nothing. Bad people.

Randy – Jun 25, 2020

This company called me talking about 2500 or they quarantine the dog like what happened to the person responsible for shipping scam I can’t believe these people are out to take ur money by any means necessary

Micheal – Jun 17, 2020

Victim Location 98208

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We thought we purchased a dog out of state from a company called based in Fresno California. Everything was going fine and then the dog was apparently “shipped” “but then this company Lancelot shipping called me by phone as well as emailed me and told me there’s a tracking number to watch my dog come from California to Washington. However, later in the afternoon the same email sent me an email stating that if we did not send $2000 via wire then our dog would not be able to be shipped up. I feel that both the dog company as well as the Lancelot shipping is a scam. The dog never showed up and no one contacted me after I hung up on a phone call once they were saying that they needed $2000. If this was a real company they would’ve tried to contact me back and solidify the transaction. This was a very elaborate scheme between the dog breeder and whatever person he acted as shipping company to Create transaction. I Then started to research Lancelot shipping and found this information people had said regarding the same situation. I have copied the link

Arthur – Jul 17, 2020

Did you get your money back ? We were told they were based out of Seattle.

Eric – Jul 17, 2020

Did you ever get your money back ?

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