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Roger –

Victim Location 02764

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

One of my email contacts received an email in her email box. The email showed that it was from myself and it was in regards to her. Upon opening this email, she found the contents to be very nasty and of ill-taste. Included in the email was a ‘respond to’ email address of ……..She immediately alerted me to this matter, as she was certain that I would never send any such email. Upon "googling" this address, I found that it was from  business out of TN. I called the "contact" number listed on this website, the voice mail picked up and said, ", at which time I left a message regarding this situation. I don’t know what this is, how many people may be affected, or how they involved my email. I do know that I am extremely upset and embarrassed that any such email would have my name attached.

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