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Douglas –

Victim Location 80020

Type of a scam Employment

Received an e-mail about a potential job offer through a company called LandMark Properties. I looked them up and saw that they were legitimate so I didn’t think anything of it. Now after the fact even though just a few hours later I realized that there were too many red flags I should have realized at the beginning. The person communicated through email and text through the phone number 1(857)240-1405 using the name Craig Anderson. He sent a check via FedEx this morning to my address and then had sent emails with information as to what I was supposed to do. With no real knowledge of the realtor market or how this works, I assumed at first this was how it was done after further communication with the supposed agent and discussing things with family I realized I almost fell into the trap of money laundering or a scam. I fortunately was able to call my bank reporting the check as fraudulent and won’t be held accountable. I want to make sure people think, pay attention to the details in e-mails such as misspellings or the use of your own account. They expected the transfers to be through Walmart and that is where I knew something wasn’t right. Don’t take the day to realize you have been scammed.

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