LANDO SPORTS USA Scam or Legit? Check LANDO SPORTS USA Reviews below.
Katherine – Dec 18, 2020

John R. I think you might be the guy we are talking about! Why do you defend this company so bad!? I got 2 mahomes jerseys and had someone come in n spot the bad autographed jerseys right away! Then I find the Scampulse and the same thing that happened to me! So I won’t let this dead dog lay there I’m going to act on this! And return the items? How because they won’t give you one the phone number doesn’t even work! I’m calling the FBI they can handle the logistics of this matter! Lucky for me I just opened my business and nobody has bought anything I got from them! Zion Williams signed basketball bought that too! So needless to say I’ve got all my paperwork from this sale so I won’t have a problem turning them into the FBI! N I will go forth with vengeance on my brain! Make me look like I’m selling fake [censored] in my shop! I’m a chic n I will let emotions run this train! Good luck cause ur going to need it! COA my [censored]!

Bruce – Dec 04, 2020

I had purchase three items from or is it or is it (that is who this payment gateway services through).

I purchase 3 items from them.
(1) – Michael Jordan Autographed Jersey
(1) – Kobe Bryant Autographed Jersey
(1) – LeBron James Autographed Jersey

Each of these had a description saying:
“We only sell memorabilia from reputable dealers likes JSA, Beckett, Upper Deck, Steiner Sports, TriStar, PSA/DNA”

When I received these items, the Certificate of Authenticity was generated from Lando Authentics. Never heard of them. So, I had sent them 3 emails addressing the authenticity as to whether those signatures were authentic. Finally, on the third request, the Bill White ([email protected]) replies with, “All autographs, whether Lando, JSA, PSA, Beckett and so forth come with an authenticity guarantee and certificate of authenticity stating the item has been reviewed and deemed authentic. Lando Authentics works close with PSA so you’re welcome to send it in to them and get a second certificate of authenticity if that helps.”

So, I did. Paid over $500 to get these three jerseys authenticated through PSA/DNA and paid for the rush fees. After careful inspection it was deemed that ALL THREE ITEMS were not authentic and did not pass PSA/DNA authentication.

I’ve replied back to Bill White explaining that to him and he responds with “PSA is not a reputable company according to the FBI and better business bureau.”

Then he proceeded to threaten me by saying that “do we need to send you to collections, send an extraction team to your house? You tell us buddy…”

This company is a fraudulent company. I am grateful that I found this place to express my issues and concerns and in hopes that my troubles will no longer be someone else’s as they SHOULD NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. PERIOD.

Sarah – Nov 22, 2020

I bought two Patrick Mahomes autograph mini helmet from the Bonanza website for 99.00 each. The signatures are very vague and after doing my own research on Lando Authenics I believe it’s a scam and I’ve lost 200 dollars.

Kelli – Nov 19, 2020

Scammer’s phone +1-800-979-2232

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 60 East Broadway, Bloomington, Minnesota – 55425, United States

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Initial means of contact Website

This guy “Lando” is selling fake sports memorabilia on multiple sites, including His physical address is shown as 60 East Broadway, Bloomington, MN 55425. That’s actually the physical address for Mall of America in Bloomington. Not surprisingly, “Lando Sports USA” is not a vendor at MOA and has never been a vendor. However, MOA does have PO boxes which this thief is using for correspondence.

His gmail account seems to work (when he wants it to) but the phone number he uses as “contact info” is actually a 1(800) number for a sex talk phone line. As of this post, it was 1-800-979-2232. The phone number has changed several times and his business name continues to change as well (i.e. Lando Authentics, Lando Sports, Lando Sports USA). Typically, if you can’t speak to a seller on the phone and/or don’t know their first and last name…those should be huge red flags.

Nearly all of the images of sports memorabilia on his website can also be found on reputable sites. So he doesn’t actually possess the items in most cases. Its a classic “bait-and-switch” scam. If you are one of the lucky few that actually receives something in the mail, it won’t be what you expected!

That brings us to the all-important REFUND POLICY. He put a ton of work into his refund policy. It has more fine print than most credit card agreements. Just a portion of the policy is posted He simply refuses to issue refunds if an item was “on sale”. Which is shady…especially since 99% of his items are ALWAYS “ON SALE”. So if you get something that isn’t as described…you better hope it wasn’t “on sale”.

In the unlikely event you did pay full price, don’t get your hopes up. This guy has a Plan B, C and D to screw his customer’s (victims) over. It’s either “you gave him the wrong address” or the “package was lost in the mail”. And yes, every eventuality is covered in his absurd refund policy. Bottom line: you’re not getting a refund, so if you did get something, you’re one of the lucky ones! It’s almost certainly a fake…but hey, it’s something!

Like many scammers in the sports memorabilia game, he does some actual business (on low priced items) to give the appearance of legitimacy. In fact, one or two of his “testimonials” may be legit. Bust rest assured…Lando Sports USA is NOT! General rule of thumb: When the seller has an “Under New Management” icon directly below his contact info…you may want to steer clear!

Apparently he’s been doing this for quite some time. The authorities have been notified. If he took you for a ride, please contact the local authorities and/or the FBI Office in your area. Guess that scam people during a pandemic better get used to confined spaces. Don’t let this waste of space take advantage of you or anyone else looking to purchase authentic memorabilia. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Victoria – Sep 06, 2020

Scampulse in itself is a scam to post bad reviews about businesses and charge them a fee to remove the feedback. Not credible at all.

Amy – Jun 23, 2020

Victim Location 21211

Total money lost $882

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Purchased items sent email confirmation. Took money out of my bank account. Sent email with shipping confirmation #. While checking shipping said delivered to California.Tried reaching company thru email and phone. Phone is wrong # and 3 weeks now with no reply. Reported to police, disputed with bank and now letting the world know.

Monica – Sep 06, 2020


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