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Jenny –

Victim Location 70448

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted about a Project Manager’s job in New Orleans. Ms. Quinn set up a phone interview with me. The first time that was scheduled, they never called. I tried to call them to find out what was going on, and the phone calls wouldn’t go through. They ended after 3-4 rings. The next day I did have my phone interview. She told me that there was some technical issues the day before with the phones, which I had no reason to doubt.I was then contacted by a Mr. Justin Watson, as he was the individual who would be dealing with me during the training phase. I started training after completing and signing the employment contract. Each day, I would receive an exercise by mail to read and complete the course study exercise. I had completed 9 exercise out of 10 and I was waiting to receive the last one on a Monday. That day came and went and I didn’t receive my grade for CS # 9 and didn’t receive # 10. I tried again on Tuesday, and still nothing. Both days I emailed Mr. Justin Watson asking if there was anything wrong as I had not yet received the assignment. I tried calling them and the calls would again cut off after 3-4 rings. That evening, I went to google the address to see if I could find out any more info, and I saw a review was posted by someone saying that if you have been contacted by this company, it was a fake. They are not at that address, and now their website was all of sudden down for maintenance. The review even listed the names of Amber Quinn and Justin Watson.

I contacted the Pennsylvania BBB the next day. When I looked, the company Lang Machines LLC was not registered under the BBB.

Marcus –

Victim Location 70448

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted originally by a Ms. Amber Quinn via email about a position I had applied for. She had me fill out the company profile on the Lang Machines website. I did so and she scheduled an interview with me. I waited for it but I did not receive a call. I tried calling her back, and when I did, the call would disconnect after 3-4 rings. So, I emailed her back and told her that I could not get through. The next day she emailed me and said there were issues with the phones the day before, and she then called me, and I had the phone interview. Two days later, she emailed me saying that I was selected to get to go through the training program, and if I achieved a B average, I would be paid $2,000 for the training, and then I would be hired to work in the New Orleans office. She told me that a Mr. Watson would call me next. He did call me and I received some emails about the training, and also an employee contract. I signed the contract and returned the last page as instructed. The training started on 1-11-19, when I received a case study # 1. It consisted of reading material and an exercise which I had to answer the questions and return it back to him via email. Over the next 2 weeks, I completed the first 9 and I was waiting for the last one. It never arrived on Monday or Tuesday. I emailed him and asked if there were any problems, as I had not received CS #10. Every other day prior, I’d receive the new CS along with the grade from my previous one. I tried to call his number, and it would again disconnect after 3-4 rings. That next morning while I was at work, I tried looking up the corporate office’s HQ at 301 Grant Rd. in Pittsburgh and I saw someone posted that if anyone was contacted about a job with this company, that it was not real. The company was not at that address, and all of a sudden their web site showed down for maintenance.

I have no idea the purpose of this scam as they didn’t get money from me. I tried to go to the part where the application profile was to see exactly what they asked, as I did not remember, but again, it showed the site down. I was very frustrated and annoyed, as I am in Kuwait now, but was fully expecting to leave to go back to the States in about 2 weeks to start this new job I was very excited about. The only silver lining is that I didn’t give my notice yet the my company here that I was resigning.

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