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Jonathon –

Victim Location 19506

Total money lost $930

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Called langridgefinancial to get money was told I need to send money to get loan said because I have bad creditor so I send $930.00 to get loan then they called said I to send more money for loan I told them I have no more money they said can give me couple days to get money I try to called them couple times to get money back but no luck talking to them sound like phone is off hook and did send email no luck by any body getting back to me .the money send was for to get $20.000 and they me on email loan agreement I sign and email back I do have my own copy.i just wish I can the money back its all money I have I hope you can help out thank you very much

Kyle –

Victim Location 33547

Total money lost $2,950

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was notified that I was eligible for a loan of $10000 through an email. I responded to Gloria Fuller of langridge Financial and asked how much could I receive for $850. She told me $15000. I sent the money through Zelle. She told me I would receive the funds within 2-3 hours. No loan. After numerous calls, I was told I needed to pay $750. I paid. No loan. Then the manager called me. Told me I needed to pay $750 for insurance. I paid. No loan. I called again and spoke to a manager who said I would not have to pay any more fees. She even sent me a guarantee letter stating that. Still no loan. Then I called to complain and spoke to Gary, office manager. He told me I only had to pay $600 and I would receive the loan. They were going to give me gift cards for my troubles. I paid the $600. I have yet to receive the loan. Then I received a call from the "president" of the company. He informed me I need to pay for insurance. He would personally pay out of his pocket and if I could come up with $500 they would release the funds. I’m not going to send the money. Enough is enough. I’m sure I will not get any refunds. Please don’t trust these scammers.

Ashlee –

Victim Location 19713

Total money lost $1,300

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a phone call from Daniel Jacobs on 10/3/18 informing me that had received my application for a peer to peer loan and had been approved for $8000. He stated that because my credit score wasn’t good I would need collateral in form of a property or a one time payment of $575. With my credit not being great and never having users p2p lending it sounded legit. I signed a loan contract and sent back the signed pages and sent the collateral payment. The next day I received a call from Rhomas Collins who was an account manager stating my account went under a second review and the person who was making the loan to me wanted an insurance payment of $700. I asked for a letter in writing confirming that if I sent the insurance payment the funds would be released and no other money would be required to receive the loan. Once I had received the letter I sent the insurance payment. The following day 10/5/18 I called Thomas to see the status of my loan as the funds were never deposited and he immediately transferred me to someone else who stated I was to pay an additional $800 for the insurance and that the account manager had no right to offer me a lower payment for insurance as the full amount was to be $800. I informed her I had a binding statement regarding the insurance and she said it was wrong and the account manager would be reprimanded. She further stated I had two options, to send the additional money or cancel the loan. I am now out 1,300 between collateral, insurance, and the wiring fees. This company is a SCAM!

Christine –

Victim Location 10016

Total money lost $2,005

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was contacted from a scammer who claimed to work for a company called Langridge Financial. He said that I was pre-approved for a loan and that I was required to pay a $500 down payment because of my low credit score. After doing so, the funds were still not release to me so I inquired with them and they said that I was then required to pay $700 for insurance. I did that (stupidly out of my desperate need for the cash), and the funds were still not released. Somebody else who claimed to be in a management position above the other person I had been in contact with then said I had to pay another $700, and that the initial $700 was a mis-quote. I said I did not have that money and to send me back the funds I had given them. They said it would be in my account in "an hour and a half" but the funds never were. I called back dozens of times and left voicemails – no response.

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