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Nathaniel –

Type of a scam Employment

They offered me a job that i dont remember applying to. They said that they found my profile on a website and i have a few profiles for employment purposes. They made me sign a labor agreement and even called me this morning confirming details. They didnt ask for any personal information so i thought maybe that’s part of the hiring process. Next thing i knew they were already starting my "trial period" and had me do the first task which was to withdraw money that they transferred to me and deposit it to a bitcoin atm. I thought okay it’s their money so i thought there was no harm in doing the "task." As i was doing it, i approached a lady working in the pub where the atm was to ask for help in using the atm since it was my first time. She asked me what it was for and i told her it was for my boss. She then told me that it seemed familiar and we ended up talking about it being a possible scam. She showed me emails she received from a different person and company but seemed like had the same modus. I had already deposited the whole amount in the atm and reported it back to my supposedly boss. He said he was gonna send me my next task but i havent receive any email from them yet. I dont know what to do im desperately seeking for a job and i think that i fell into an employment scam because of that. Im attaching a screenshot of one of the emails i received. I didnt lose any money but somebody else might have.

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