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Laps Design Studios Scam or Legit? Check Laps Design Studios Reviews below.
Armando –

Victim Location 94591

Type of a scam Employment

Im not sure but I think this is a scam and it deserves to be looked into. They did an elaborate job of creating a website, included a NJ address and phone number. The concerning part is that they ask for employment paperwork to be completed with sensitive info like ss# for I99 form. However, when looking up the company I could only find Lap Design LTD in the UK and it was dissolved in April 2017. (See Link.) Link:

Also, for the NJ address no suite # is given. In the job description they say they send a check payment but if any expenses are incurred you will be reimbursed the next pay check. This is the usual trade mark for scams. There’s a very small chance that this is a legitimate company but there is some information that appears to be suspicious. I could see this affecting a lot of people if it’s a scam.

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