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Mary –

Victim Location 91007

Total money lost $261.17

Type of a scam Online Purchase

LaPura Skin care!! Please stay away from this company. I did a survery from Costco mail and they offered free trail for skin care items. I thought its from Costco and i gave it a try, it ended up paying some amount ($34~?) and i was like fine. Then it AUTO SHIP their product which i DIDNT order at all and i feel this is not right. I checked the credit card and yeah, they charged on my credit card for $88, $88, $84 ($216) total and i filed disputed. Guess what, disputed failed and these amount rolled over to my new credit card. OH GOSH. i returned their product and contact LaPura. Their representatives are well trained in arguing and protecting the company. It sounds like they know what to do already. They said i placed on disputed and the status shows "charge back" so they cant do anything but for me to contact credit card company. I know this is wrong , but i contact credit card company and they said my dispute was failed due to i gave out the credit card number myself to order this free trail product. OMG now. They said if i returned the product then they should be able to refund. I returned the product ASAP with tracking number and everything. Guess what!! call the LaPura again, they said they cant do anything because i lost the dispute!!! OMG , i said let me talk to the supervisor. Here she comes with very rude voice and speak very fast like she’s done this for many years! she said i will not refund your money because I lost the dispute and done. i said but i returned all your product and not even open. She didnt say anything but said he cant do anything!! She kept saying they cant do anything because i filed disputed and they dont have access to my new credit card. They pretend they didnt know the rolled over money that i lost from dispute. insist not refund even i returned their product. She hung me up at the end!!! YUP, she hung me up and stated she cant refund because i lost the dispute! okay, i called back to credit card company again and they will do another investigation. This has been going on and on for 2 months, emails are more than 27 going back and forth. their phone number on the email is fake too, it has voice message says they are closed, please call back the business hours and it is business hours that i called. There’s another number you have to call to find them. Very tricky scam company. I found out their website has many victims claiming refund. Everyone needs to get away from this company. They auto shipment their product and billed to your credit card at the end. if you dont check your credit card statement often, they got your money!!! Dont try surveys with free trials anymore. LaPura is very tricky and scary. Please stay away!!

Donald –

Victim Location 92637

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I bought a Sample. Paid for shipping. Credit card company contacted me about an $89.95 amount on my bill. Apparently they set me up with a subscription and charged me this amount for a bogus product that does not work. Then tried to charge me a $25 restocking fee if I return the sample to them

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