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Gloria – Sep 28, 2020

I have the actor currently in my hangouts after getting a text on ig from a page that was said to have been created only to speak to fams let me remind you i had two other celebretys reach out to me before taking the bate with this one he asked me to open a hangout asked me to send a video of myself appologiziing for wasting his time when i started asking him questions and asking for him to face call me (he did face call me but for a quick second which looked like an old live video of the actor and at one point i over hear the actor asking the people on his live where they from when i heard that he hung up) at first i thought it might be him and now im thinking its only a matter of time before money is going to be put in the picture…i asked if he needed anything from me off rip and he keeps saying no but something about the vibes is a little off if you ask me and i caint wait for me to fined out what it is

Emily –

Victim Location 60639

Type of a scam Identity Theft

This scam is from actor Larenz Tate official Facebook messenger account. I thought it could possibly be real because it was connected to the verified page that I follow and interact with from time to time. I was sent a messenger request from that page, December,16,2017. I was thanks for being a loyal fan. I was so excited because it’s very rare that a celebrity reaches out to fans. This person message me for almost a week. The six day I was asked to load fifthy dollars separately on five iTunes gift cards, that this would be telling five victims from hurricane Harvey I love them. This person said that they were donating 400 iPhones to victims of the disaster and installing 50 dollars iTune cards on them secretly. This was instantly a red flag for me. I don’t know rather the actor account is hacked because he has made post since the incident. This person could possibly work for the actress. I feel awareness should be spraded I could have easily been victimized and other could possibly fall for this. I’ve reported this to Facebook and message the actor other accounts. I haven’t had any feedback.

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