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Walter – May 02, 2020

Victim Location 19082

Total money lost $2,500

Type of a scam Employment

My daughter is a first year college student and recently was contacted by someone pretending to offer her an internship through her college. She signed up for a few internship programs through her school so she di,d not question being contacted at the time.

The company sent her multiple emails about the details of the internship and what she has to do. The plan was for her to contact local orphanages to donate clothes and other necessities. They were going to send her a check for $3500.00 for which she was supposed to use to purchase the items. They wanted her to send them the receipts for her purchases.

She received the check in the mail last week as they "promised" She deposited the check.

A day or two later, they emailed her again asking her to transfer money ($2500) via CASHAPP to the "supervisor" and she would use the remaining funds ($1000.00) for the so called program.

She did what was asked because she felt responsible for the money and wanted to follow their directions.

Monday April 27, she receives an email notice from the bank stating her account was overdrawn by $2500. Of course, we immediately called the bank to discuss the bogus transaction. They confirmed that the check she received and deposited was in fact a bogus check, the routing number and account was FAKE, the company listed on the check is also FAKE. The company listed was found on the internet seems accurate but the address is FAKE.

We were informed by the bank that they will investigate ,which could take up to thirty (30) days, however, because she transferred the funds, she is liable for those funds.

We also reported to Cash App by email to alert them of the fraudulent person ,she sent the money to since there is no phone number, THEY HAVE NOT RESPONDED.

I am reporting so young people with bank accounts and use these electronic transfer Apps are aware of these scams and do not fall victim to these financial predators.

My daughter is very upset as she thought she was going to be doing a great community service to needy children and is devastated to find out it was all a scam.

She is now responsible to pay back the bank the $2500 that she does not have. She is a college student finishing her first year in college, she does not work at the moment and is supported by us her parents. This is a lot of money for a college student to repay because of a fraudulent scam.

We have copies of the emails my daughter received from these scam artists, a copy of the check she received and notice from the bank confirming the check was FAKE.

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