Larry Goins Filthy Rich

Larry Goins Filthy Rich Scam or Legit? Check Larry Goins Filthy Rich Reviews below.
Roger –

Victim Location 34741

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Investment

I was tricked into taking all my money out of my 401k to join larry goins inner circle group. I was told that we did not need any l capital. I told Melissa tha I only had $4,000 in my 401k and I don’t have any other money she reassure me to take it out and once I pay them a payment of 5,000 dollars I will start making money. They said we didn’t need any capital cause once we joined the inner circle we will have people who we can network with us and that larry was going to help me finance my first deal, wich was all lies. Cause after I paid them my last hard earned money they changed the story and told me that I have to go to the CFRI group in Orlando to network with them to find find hard money lenders and the works. I would never have paid $ 5,000 to be told that I have to go somewhere else to get the support I need from another group. They told me that the 5,000 dollars I paid was for coaching. They are very miss leading cause I would never take my last to pay for coaching I went under the impression that I was going to flip my five thousand dollars. Malisa larry’s secretary told me ones I pay the five thousand dollars that I would start making money. She said that I would be able to quit my job and be making big money. Thank God I didn’t quit my job. I did my path in searching for wholesale home but when we find them I don’t have any capital to buy the place so we can resell it I didn’t know how to work this program. This program is designed to rip off poor desperate people like me who just want to be a successful business owner. I am very disappointed and upset cause larry goins and his staff scammed me into spending money that I could not have afford to lose. Now instead of me being a head and successful, I am still poor and in the negative. All I want is my money back so that I can put it back in my 401k. Even though I was not making any money on it a least I had it. Buyers be aware

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