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Meagan – Dec 10, 2020

I was scammed got $700.00 by this jerk. It was around the beginning of Aug. Same as everyone else. Sent $ to him & within 2 hours I got a bogus video of a crate goin up the conveyer belt. South Pacific was the carrier. Went to their website. ALL bogus phone numbers & emails. The phone just rang & rang them went to a busy sound. He told me my pup would arrive at the airport the next morning after I paid him. So when I was getting ready to leave 4 the airport I got a text saying the puppy is on hold becuz of a new covid-19 clearence papers were necessary at a price $1500 more. & It must be sent to their parents company in Ecuador! Well that was then I knew I had been scammed. I called him & told him I didn’t have that much money to pay them. He told me your puppy needs you. It’s probably really scared. WTF! I texted & baggered him regularly 4 about a month. I turned him into everywhere I could think of. BBB ICB scam websites. Watch out! This guy is a monster!

Sheena – Oct 04, 2020

I purchased a puppy from LarryPupps stating it would arrive withing a couple of hours. I was then contacted by ” south Pacific shipping company ” who stated I had to pay a “refundable” $2800 for missing paperwork and permits and $980 for COVID isolates quarantine lift restriction. Later after payment I was done, I was told I had to open an offshore bank account to get my refund. Then I was told the puppy had died? I was scammed out of $5580. When I contacted the seller he stated he did not know anything and refused to refund my money. Please be aware and do not pay anything to these people who spend their time scamming hard working Americans.

Melanie – Aug 03, 2020

Victim Location 28054

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Communication initially via text, but not excessive, then “we” switched to email. Seller requested some background info as far as the type of home the teacup Pom was going to. He/she provided photos of the puppy. Stated cost of puppy and cost of shipping, very plainly. Next morning received the sales contact and even a video of the puppy’s carrier traveling up a conveyer belt, into a plane. Later that afternoon, I receive a suspicious email from “Delta Global Logistics” requesting an additional, but partially refundable $1700 fee for a carrier and pet insurance. No contact info in the email or direct link to the website. I contacted the seller and he/she stated they would contact the logistics company. He responded later it was necessary, for safety, due to COVID-19. I repeatedly asked where the puppy was and why this email provided no direct contact to the logistics company; especially, since I was “required” to pay within 4 hours of receipt of the email or the puppy would not be permitted to fly. When I questioned the seller he “apologized”,but stated he did not know. This was inexcusable. None of this was in the sales contract and of course I paid no additional money, except the initial $700 for the male teacup Pom and shipping.

I requested my money back since I would not pay any additional money, and according to the logistics company the “puppy wasn’t going anywhere“, none of this was disclosed in the sales contract. I informed I would not pay another cent or provide any financial info over the phone to anyone or transfer anymore money. I stated I would report the seller. The seller did not reply. Seller goes by Keith Hobbs, but Jonathan Parker is on the sales contract.

Katrina – Nov 03, 2020

I was done the same way but I only paid 350 and was going to pay the remaining in a few weeks. But the communication is the same but in the email his name was Larry but the money that was sent went to Devonte Robinson. I tried to stop payment on Teller but for some reason it didn’t have a stop payment button. I called the bank and said the same thing and that there was nothing they could do. I lost out on 350 but they won’t get anymore.

Melissa – Oct 04, 2020

Can you contact me I think this is happening to me too.

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