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Seth –

Victim Location 37188

Total money lost $3,400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My company is a master distributor for the Harrington Hoist product line. Larry Holmes sent in a request to Harrington Hoist for a quote which was passed to my company since they do not direct sell to the public. I quoted the requested items. Larry Holmes then approved and I sent him an invoice. He then sent me his credit card information so that I could process payment. payment would not process in one transaction. I am set up for customers to log in and make payment so that is what he did in 4 separate installments. I placed the order with factory and was having it held at their dock since Larry wanted the items couriered with his requested shipping company. This is not out of sorts for this kind of purchase. I had the shipping company quote me a price based on size and weight and was ready to schedule pick up and make payment to them when they informed me that their credit card machine was down and I would need to wire money. Well, I dont do wire transfers. That is not safe. I informed them I would send a check but that was it. They gave me and address and name to send the check to and something felt off. I decided to hold off a day before sending a check and sure enough I started receiving messages from my bank about the credit card payments that Larry Holmes had made for his purchase. He was reversing them and I was getting charged. I called Larry Holmes to see what was going on and he played innocent and unknowing. This is a major scam and they almost got me for over $20K. Please watch out. The shipping company is also a scam. There is no A&P shipping corporation in Washington. They are located in Hawaii and not at the address in Hawaii that they give you either.

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