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Drew – Oct 02, 2020

Victim Location 80229

Type of a scam Worthless Problem-solving Service Scam

I purchased a gold ring with wood inlay through Larson Jewelers for my wedding band. After having it break within 2 months I was very disappointed. However, after a long and difficult process of dealing with their slow to respond customer service. I was able to receive a new ring at the cost of 40$ for a warranty replacement fee. Not even a year later, MY 2ND RING BROKE! This was very upsetting and truly shows the poor quality of their rings. I contacted customer service and again experienced the very poor responsiveness. This time I filled out a form that showed I would only need to be charged a 5$ warranty replacement fee. On July 9th I was informed that I would need to send in an additional 40$ fee and they would ship out the ring when ready. I did not pay the 40$ as I was waiting for the ring to be ready first. Then on September 24th when reaching out again as I had not heard anything, I was informed it was now going to be an additional 75$ fee, "because my ring was 14k" gold. However they knew this about the ring on July 9th, and when I ordered the first replacement. I was then explained that the 75$ fee was normal and I was merely charged a 40$ fee because they were being nice to me. Excuse me for not believing that… When I asked why their website directly states that Thorsten rings come with "no fee" lifetime warranty", I was told that it costs them money and that the price of gold going up affects the price of the ring. I never understood how the increase in the price of gold affects my warranty. One, I am returning the ring that contains the same amount of gold that I will be receiving, thus there is no net change in the weight of gold exchanged. Two, a lifetime warranty is just that, lifetime and whatever happens to the price of anything has no further affect on my warranty. I was also informed that because my ring was the "precious metals line" by Thorsten that it was 75$ instead of 40$ and it was the manufacture’s policy to charge more for the "precious metals line". So I went to the manufacture’s website and found directly where it stated they charge a 40$ warranty for gold rings. I asked Larson what the difference between their "precious metals line" and a gold ring. They offered no explanation. So again I tried to find the reason behind this additional fee, they showed me on the manufacture’s website where it states "jeweler may charge additional fees", which is reasonable and I understood, but they also stated previously to me in an email that "Larson is not responsible for disclosing all additional fees of the manufacturer." So again I being told two different answers by Larson, both that it is the their fee and it is the manufactures fee, I was given no explanation for this either. At this point I asked them to waive the additional 75$ fee this time and just charge the original 40$ fee or I was going to take this case to the Better Business Bureau. They challenged me to go ahead as they have provided all documentation proving their case. I asked again for the documentation they are talking about, because one of the main things I have been asking about all along.

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