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Bonnie –

Victim Location 27617

Type of a scam Employment

I’ve actually gotten contacted twice! Once via email and the second time via text. On both occasions that offered a job in the field i was looking for and they were paying at least $23-26 per hour for this position. They stated they found my resume on careerbuilder- where i had posted my resume. They then asked me to download google hangout to do an "online interview" via the hangout message board. The first time it happened i went through all these questions including questions about if i wanted to use direct deposit to be paid and asked what was the bank that i used. Once i finished all the questions i went to the "company website" and tried to call the number that was posted on their site.

No one answered of course and there was no company voicemail. Then i google searched the address on the website and it showed a picture of a house that had a for sale sign in front of it. When I started asking questions, thats when they stopped responding and blocked me. The company was called LASIPO GROUP which i dont even think exsists because there were zero reviews on this company. I was then contacted again the next day via text, offering a similar position with high pay, telling me to download google hangout to do the online interview. Now this time they at least used a company that was legit-it was the company Roche.

Before we started the interview, the person asked me if i had interviewed online before. I told them yes but that it was a scam. The person asked me how did i know it was a scam (which sent up red flags immediately for me), and when i told the person the many reasons why i felt it was a scam, he then stopped responding and blocked me. Anyone looking for work from home, please be mindful of these scams and do your research before you give any personal info like s.s numbers,or bank accounts. It’s tax season so people will go through amazing lengths to try to scam you

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