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Juan – Aug 13, 2020

Even when this is your last option, don’t do it! Bought an already way over-priced hunk of garbage from this guy and had nothing but problems since day 1. But I am getting ahead of myself here. First, when calling about this POS, he tells me the only thing wrong was a “crack in the dash” but that he has already ordered a replacement dash to fix it for $120. I think, well a crack is no big deal. So, I drive an hour over there to get it. The dash looked like the Grand Canyon! It literally had a giant hole in the center, more dash was missing than was there! But, since he promised he already ordered a new dash, I thought I could easily fix that. Drove it home and discovered the next day, the passenger airbag has an error and is not usable and the passenger door and rear sliding glass window leak, so much that there is literally a puddle of water in my floorboard and it smells like the mustiest, moldiest basement imaginable. I sent texts to him and Facebook messages that never got answered. Okay, so I at least caulk the back sliding window shut. The vents don’t blow other than through the defroster and I kept getting a “check engine” light. Changed all the sparkplugs, wires, rotor and distributor cap. Same error. Re-checking the sparkplugs, I discover oil in cylinder one. At this point, I am just done with this sour lemon. But wait, there’s more. I have to call numerous times about the supposed dash he’s ordered. Then, I have to drive another hour to get it, which wouldn’t be bad if he had kept his word and ordered the dash. He ordered a piece of velvet to cover the hole. I am livid about that. But knowing it was probably my own fault for believing anything this guy said, I just hung my head and left, like a lady. But that’s not all, ladies and gentlemen! It’s coming down to the temporary tag expiring and I’ve not been sent a new tag and registration. I literally had to blow this guy’s cell phone, office phone and his girlfriend’s phone up, until after the tag expired and beg them to bring me my tags. It turns out, for AN ENTIRE MONTH, he has not gone to get my tags! The day after the temporary tag expired, they decide to get me another temporary tag. Then, they finally go to the Clerk’s office and register the truck. But when I get the tag, it’s registered in the wrong name! Here it is, almost sixty days after signing on this thing and I still don’t have the proper tags and registration, the truck won’t even start and I am still expected to pay on this POS for ten more months. I really do understand as-is, but please do not lie to my face and promise to fix things and make things right then avoid my calls and visits. And for God’s sake, don’t you DARE pretend to support law enforcement and then treat them this way! Everyone please do yourself a favor and stay far, far away!

Alana – Jul 22, 2020

Victim Location 55412

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Other

On 7/14/2020 I went to check out a car, a 2010 PT Crusier that they said they had. Some one from the lot had sent me a picture. So I assumed that’s what I would be going to view my granddaughter brought me to the lot. When I got there I was told that the car that I wanted was not able to be driven away today. I clearly let them know that the PT Cruiser was the car that I wanted to by and they told be that that wasn’t a problem. Because I needed a car that day, and the car that I wanted wasn’t available all of a sudden they offered to put me in a temporary car for about a week until the other car was fixed. They gave me a 1999 Toyota Camry to drive off with , while I was under the impression that I was actually purchasing the PT Crusier. The sales person semi-filled out a purchase agreement and wrote that I was buying the Camry but he told me he had to write it like that just so the lot inventory knew what was missing and that when the PT Cruiser was fixed then he would change the sales contract.

I put down $600 on the car and I now owe $2000 while making payments of $200 for the next year. I was not informed that I was buying the Camry , I was told I was buying the PT Cruiser.

I returned to the car lot with my daughter on the 20th, after I had given them the time they had asked for to fix the other car. When I returned the staff on site knew nothing of what I was talking about, about my recent purchase, or the car that was supposed to being fixed. I was with my daughter, and they also refused to answer any of her questions because she was not the purchaser.

I asked for my $600 refund, and they refused. They said there was nothing they could do becasue it was an "As Is" purchase.

This lot has many reviews on their functioning Facebook page also showing other customer reviews saying the the similar scheme that I had undergone.

How can I get out of my contract with this vehicle? I did not agree to purchase this car, and I was told in good faith that I would actually be getting the vehicle I drove there and intended to leave with.

I am an elderly woman on a fixed income, I believe I was scammed and targeted.

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