Latter Day Saints Charities Employment Scam

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Gabriel – Sep 14, 2020

Victim Location 83607

Type of a scam Employment

My mom received an email at work for a ‘part time work from home’ position through the Latter Day Saints Charity as a Local Health Coordinator. She trusted the email because she works for a healthcare facility that usually filters through emails and if it hits her inbox then it was deemed secured. (I have attached this email for viewing). She forwarded it to my email as i am in need of a flexible work from home. I sent Mark some info about myself and why i think i would be a good fit for the position.

He replied within a couple days and told me a bit about the organization and the job duties. At this point he also asked me for my full name, address, city, state, zip code, and phone number to run a background check. I replied with some questions i had and the information he required.

A couple days later i received another email from him containing a letter that had my name, job position, and an ID number, with a logo of the LDS church at the top and signed by Mark Ross at the end. The email also said that he would be sending me a hard copy of this letter to store. I replied as he requested, saying that i was still interested in moving forward.

I got another email a few days later saying that he would have a task for me on Thursday that week. He explained that he would be sending me a check to deposit into my bank account which i would use to pay myself the weekly wage of $350, and the rest of the funds would be for the supplier when they come to drop off the items. He told me that the supplier wants to arrange meeting for Thursday that week so i replied and said that would be fine and to let me know what to do next. Nothing happened on that Thursday.

About a week went by before i heard from him again, and this time he texted me. He asked how my weekend was and wanted to clarify that the instructions for the task were clear. He explained to me that instead of sending funds out in the mail as originally discussed, they would be sending me pictures of a check through my email that i would have to deposit into my bank account. He said they were doing this because of the USPS delay from the pandemic. I told my mom about the interaction before i replied any further and she was growing increasingly suspicious. She looked up his name and phone number on google which turned up a forum talking about how this "Mark Ross" has used this charity scheme and a few others to scam people out of their money. The most recent complaint being from August 2020, saying that her son was scammed out of $2500 thinking he was helping the LDS charity. Here is the link to the website i found this information on:…

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