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Audrey – Nov 03, 2020

Victim Location 86403

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by a Margaret Trainor from a business called Lauderdale Logistics Service stating that they had received my resume from The only issue with that is I never applied for the job they were sending me. The job was for a Customer Services Manager and stated that it was could be Full time at their office for $40 an hour, or Full time Remote for $35 an hour. The job description stated that their company was opening branches near me and gave a list of skills they were looking for. When telling "Margaret" that I was interested she replied and inquired about accepting the position, even though I never had an interview. This was confusing, so I pried for some clarification. I mentioned needing to give my current employer 2 weeks notice and also asked where their business location was. I was given a reply that stated I could actively do their training while at my current job. This raised a red flag because "Margaret’ resent the job description highlighting that Training would take 14 days and I would be paid every week. The last question I asked was if they were registered with the and I have yet to receive an email back. They also had a link to their website, which I checked through the’s ICANN lookup, and I found the website had been created on 11/02/2020. I also noticed on their website in their positive feedback section, that whatever script they were using was not completely filled out. I have not contacted or received any correspondence from this organization. I did not give out private information nor was I asked to provide anything because I believed it to be a scam.

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