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Theresa –

Victim Location 49841

Type of a scam Rental

I posted a craigslist ad in search of an apartment, and was contacted via anonymous email by someone named Laura Rebecca. Please note that I was not scammed, however I caught her and verified she was a scammer ahead of time and am now telling you all to be weary of someone by this alias. She began by asking me what I was looking for and the price range.

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I said I can work within a price range of 400-600, she went straight to a 600 dollar "apartment offer."

She then gave this excuse, and I quote:

" please note that I would not be available to do a one on one showing because I am very busy here with 2 Jobs and I have quite an extended family to take-care of and I also do not want to involve any 3rd party because I want a good Landlord-Tenant relationship I also have other applicants but pending that time you can take a drive by monitoring the surroundings and neighborhood and also look through the windows to see the interiors of the house, it’s currently available for move in and get back to me if you are willing to get started with the Application/Rental process. "

For reference, this is the address of the apartment that was offered, please find the owner and contact them somehow:

13525 E 30th St Unit C, Tulsa, OK 74134

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This is an immediate red flag for 3 reasons;

A; This long paragraph was sent quickly, therefore it was copy/pasted.

B; They’re not available to do a showing, claiming to have 2 jobs despite being a landlord, this likely suggests the address I was given isn’t their apartment and they can’t get in. They offered me the windows to look inside of.

C; "I DO NOT WANT TO INVOLVE ANY 3rd PARTY, because I want a "good landlord-tenant relationship." A good tenant-landlord relationship WILL involve a third party, such as the law. Their second excuse is they have other applicants, which A; IS NOT a third party, and B; Suggests they can do a showing to them, and not to me. Their story is becoming inconsistent.

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I then ask how I can get the home, she proceeds to say, and I quote:

" You will fill out paperwork and make deposit after that you will get the keys and paperwork ship to you."

– This is a BIG red flag. They’re asking me to fill out paperwork, and give them money, before I get the lease signed.

I ask for more details, this is what she says, " Yes, should I send it to your mail now to fill out and what about making the deposit as well ? Is there a number I can text you at ? "

– ANOTHER BIG RED FLAG, she asks for the deposit again.

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I tell her that I will pay the deposit just to humor her, however I ask for the paperwork, so I can make sure she isn’t a scammer, this is what she sends me,

" Here is the paperwork you will fill out and once you get done you will mail back to me and the security deposit is $600 and you will send it through Money gram and once its been confirmed you will get the keys and paperwork "

Lots of RED FLAGS. Why do I pay the deposit, before I get the paperwork(sign the lease)? Because its a scammer.

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Here comes the best part, the application she sends me!

Problems with the application:

– No name

– No number

– No email

– No fax

– No business name or title

– No business address

You guessed it, just a plain application that says "Application" on it. No identifiable information on the landlord at all. Applications didn’t ask for SSN, so it seems the landlord doesn’t care about background or credit checks. Applications didn’t ask for any kind of important financial or bank information. The funniest part is when she says this:

" Should I send you the information to send it to ? You can send online at or any outlet like Walmart "

BIG. RED. FLAG. She’s using the fake applications to gather information about the person sending to them via moneygram, not to process any application. Private landlords usually only need leases if they’re not doing background checks.

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Here is the information she gave me, in order for the moneygram process to happen:

" Here is the information

Name : Laura Elizabeth Lane

State :Florida

Zip code : 33860

Country : USA

When will you able to send it and fill out the paperwork so we can proceed about sending the keys and paperwork ? "


" When will you able to send it and fill out the paperwork so we can proceed about sending the keys and paperwork ? "


I couldn’t contain myself, and said: ""Sometime never. Thanks for the info though, hahahaha.""

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