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Micheal – May 26, 2020

Victim Location 14305

Total money lost $2,660

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My kids were asking for a puppy for a long time, and now they are so bored at home, so we finally decided to get one. I looked online for Labrador breeders, found one, beautiful puppies, very reasonable price. But no info where they are located. I emailed them, next day they got back to me. They were in Oklahoma, but there was no problem to ship the puppy to Buffalo. They asked for $650 for the dog and $150 for the shipping. It was Thursday evening. Friday morning I’ve got an email from them that all the paperwork is done, and they are heading to the airport. Later I received a phone call from transportation company ( Global Relocators., that they need $980 for temperature regulated crate. That fee would be refunded as soon as puppy arrives. So I payed. I’ve had tracking number so I can track where the dog is. Everything looked so legit. Yesterday the company called me again , telling me that there is insurance fee of $880 which I have to pay right away, because layover in Charlotte is only 40 minutes. I started panicking, worried about the puppy. And paid again. After 1 hour I’ve got another email that puppy needs some vaccine. And it will be $1.200 only then I realized I got scammed! The dog is coming from a breeder, must be fully vaccinated. There was no dog from the beginning, they fed me with beautiful photos, probably stolen from online.

All the payments I made from Zelle account connected to my bank account.

I was able to attach only one screenshot, but I have all the emails saved from both, the breeder and transportation company, screenshots of my payments.

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