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Marie –

Victim Location 90706

Total money lost $14,800

Type of a scam Online Purchase


Yes I am very interested in the bus, ad show it is in southern California that’s were I am at.

So if purchased I would have to get it back down to Long Beach.

Who would I be making the purchase from if you are overseas.

Also I assume you have the title.

Thank you very much

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

From: Robert Selous

Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2019 1:51 PM


Subject: 1965 Volkswagen Bus Vanagon 21-Window Rag-Top Type 2


You inquired about my car and I hope you are still interested. This beauty is in great condition and extremely clean. It has been recently serviced and it’s being sold as described, no mechanical or electrical issues, never abused, non smoker, runs and drives perfect. You can buy it for the price of $14,800. I work overseas for Perenco on an oil rig and my contract ends in September. Then I have another 2 years agreement starting from October 2019 so the car is no more useful to me.

The location of the car is Seattle, WA, ready to go. I have arranged for the sale of the vehicle before leaving the states so if you want to find out more details about how we can close up this deal, do not hesitate to contact me and I will respond at my earliest convenience.



From: Robert Selous

Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2019 9:41 AM


Subject: Re: 1965 Volkswagen Bus Vanagon 21-Window Rag-Top Type 2

Hi ,

The car has clear title and comes with a large collection of history files, manuals and receipts.

Because of the fact that I am quite busy with my job and unable to travel back to the States, I have decided to hire a company to ship the vehicle and take care of the sale for me. The shipping & payment part of the transaction will be handled by Lauramy Shipping Ltd .The vehicle is now located in their transit warehouse from Seattle, WA because I had a buyer from there but he canceled the deal due to a decease in the family. They have in their custody both the vehicle and the title signed for release, which had been verified by their inspectors and they already gave the go ahead to begin the transaction. The vehicle comes with a large collection of history files, manuals and receipts.

Regarding the payment, there is a 3 days inspection period available for you once you will receive the vehicle in which you have the possibility to do an inspection to any authorized service of your choice before the company will release any money to me. If you will decide not to keep it for any reason the vehicle will be sent back to me (free of charge for you) and you will get a full refund no questions asked. So basically I only receive the money if you are happy about what you are buying.

Please read their how it works pngage ( ) and decide if you agree or not.

To be able to start this transaction you need to register on the shipping company’s website. Once you are done, I will approve the deal from my account and Lauramy will contact you in order to go ahead with the purchase.

P.S. You should know that the vehicle will be shipped anywhere within the States at my expense!

Looking forward to successfully completing this transaction.


For a faster response you can use my work email [email protected]

On Thu, May 23, 2019 at 1:06 AM

Mr. Robert Selous Cartwright is registered with us as the seller of a 1965 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon with a clear title in his name. The vehicle is located in our warehouse from Seattle WA , crated and ready to be delivered. The complete sale price including the shipping is US $14,800.00.

Our Shipping Department has approved your shipment and we would like to inform you that it is ready to be delivered.

Please check your email account in next hours for more details regarding the tracking number for your shipment and also to review the legal paperwork for our transaction.

After your payment is secured in one of our protection account, we are authorized to start the shipping procedures.

If, by any chance, you reject the vehicle and request a refund, this will be issued to you within 3 business days and the vehicle will be returned back from where it came from. All the fees will be paid upfront and will be credited to the sender of the shipment.

Our escrow program assures third-party protection for your goods and money over an Internet-based transaction. It works by securing the payment until the buyer receives, inspects and agrees the condition of the vehicle. The inspection period for such transactions is 1 to 10 days, depending on the agreement of the parties. In your case, the seller has signed for a "3 days inspection period", meaning that you will have 3 days to inspect the vehicle, take it to a workshop and do all the necessary checks (EG visual and mechanical condition, paperwork).

The steps that the seller and the buyer have to proceed are detailed on our How It Works pngage.

We hope this helps with your planning and please do let us know if you would like any further details.

Warm regards,

Rebbeca Hansen

Thank you for using our services.


Lauramy Team

[email protected]

Lauramy Shipping Limited

Company number: 07255214

They send complete shipping bills and contract.. All bugus

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