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Rose –

Victim Location 95207

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Today I received a call with NO CALLER ID. I did not respond, but the female who called left a voicemail calling me by name. She identifying herself as Rose Taylor, “bonded courier”. I had to look it up, as I had never heard that term. She said that her office Legal Services Dispatch had been “retained to deliver legal documentation” and that if I didn’t establish contact today, their “field agent would be dispatched” to my “property address and place of employment on record. It said it was important to call back with the “complaint number” I was assigned since “failure to respond can result as an order of non-compliance and a fail action for service”.

It freaked me out, so I called. The person who replied was a man called “Michael Andrews” said he was calling from “Lavine Mediation Group” that they were highered by “a network of attorneys” who had a debt of mine. He said it was: a debt of $380 for a checking account overdraft fees that was sold by the bank in 2011 and that because of interest and penalty fees, it had amounted to the current sum of $2,800. Although he was not rude and even seemed professional, still he was VERY pressing as he made the point that I had to reach a decision either to opt for a settlement, which he would discuss with the “attorneys” he represented, or that I be “served court papers”. I felt harassed and more since they also contacted a couple of close relatives. I have no clue how they obtained their numbers. I was concerned as I didn’t recall such debt and asked him how I could know the origin of such debt. He said that I could call the bank and ask them for a “chain of title”, that their system would show who purchased the debt.

I stupidly agreed that it might be better me to settle and gave him my debit card number. I asked him though for a document explaining this debt and what the payment settlement would be. He sent it, but all of it was shady. None of their identifying info shows up anywhere on the internet. He did not even send the document from a business email address but from a website called He included an email address below his name, however when I tried to open up the domain, it doesn’t exist – I get an Error 404.

I called the bank of the debt in question and they said the bank account had been closed since 2011 and was PAID IN FULL. Evidently this so called “legal services dispatch” or “Lavine Mediation Group” is seeking payment for a debt that does NOT exist. I called them back to make sure that no money would be debited from my account and the woman who replied said that it might happen automatically. I immediately called my bank to have them close my debit card and issue me a new one to prevent them from taking out money without me signing any authorization.

I hope the BBB looks into this “business”. They obviously stole a lot of my personal information somehow and are trying to profit from it using abusive practices.

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