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Cristina –

Victim Location 45238

Total money lost $125

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from a Regina Clack from 855-886-3308 claiming to be calling on behalf of Hamilton County in Cincinnati, OH saying I have a pending civil suit for an old *** *** Bank checking account. I called back and spoke to a man who said I’d be served to show up in court if I didn’t make arrangements. I set up payment arrangements (I did have the account in 2009 but was under the impression that it had been written off and I currently work for *** *** Bank and also currently bank with *** ***) that day I paid $25 and each pay period I was to be withdrawn for an agreed amount. They took the second payment of $100 but nothing followed on my last pay day. When I called to see why it didn’t pull a voicemail picked up. I received a call today from 855-845-3165 from a man name Will claiming to be calling on behalf of Hamilton County on a debt owed to *** *** Bank. I explained I’ve already set arrangements. He then claims that I paid the wrong people. Claimed to be calling from Frankovich Law Office and again that I have a pending civil suit. When I mentioned that I worked for the the bank he said that I do not and they have me as working elsewhere. I checked on the clerk of courts site and I also called and verified that I do not have a civil suit against me and I was unable to find anything on the law office. I had to have my debit card blocked and was issued another one and had to file a fraud dispute, which is the department I work in at the bank might I add so I should have known better.

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