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Victim Location 70124

Type of a scam Debt Collections

First calls received weeks ago from a different GA number using the 678 area code claiming to be with DataCheck of America stating that they were collecting on a check bounced to Winn Dixie TWENTY YEARS ago. They claimed the check was for around $20 but I needed to pay $200 to resolve the matter and avoid it being reported to the credit bureau etc. They called my home phone number and then cell phone numbers. My husband spoke to them first and they directed him to a website in which they had a PDF of the alleged NSF check. It appears these criminals have gotten their hands on old Winn Dixie checks when they banked with AmSouth and have photoshopped NSF onto the check. The most disconcerting part is that since they have the PDFs of the checks, they have your Drivers License number which is what they are using to track you down. Having some knowledge of the law I asked several questions. The initial caller was nervous and hung up. I then called my financial institution back then (my mother still banks there) who confirmed it was a scam etc. I then called back and spoke to her "supervisor" and let him know I was reporting them to the authorities, BB, FTC etc since we were on the Do Not Call List. The calls stopped. Then today, 8/2/16 I received an automated call threatening to have my wages garnished if I didn’t speak to them. I was immediately suspicious it was the same scam and I was correct. This time it was a male claiming to be with the LAW OFFICES OF BRIAN MILLER & ASSOCIATES. I asked him where he was located and he told me MARIETTA GA which was where DataCheck said they were calling from as well.I verified the phone number he was calling from which is 678.310.1117 and asked him what this was about to which he said it was an NSF check to Winn Dixie in 1996 (as I suspected). I let him know that whether he knew it or not he was working for a scam company and his activities were illegal. I also let him know that I had already reported this scam to the BBB etc and now I was going to the police. I also told him all our numbers were on the national Do Not Call list and he was in violation of that law as well. However this time the telemarketer was not intimidated by being reported. He became agitated and told me "i don’t care if you report me to the police. are you trying to say i don’t have your check." I have filed a report with the FBI and alerted the FTC. Please do whatever you can to prevent these criminals from stealing monies from people. They are giving Marietta GA a bad name! Thanks.

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  1. I just got a call from the county saying brown miller and associates is going to garnish my wages i need to call now. i called the guy answered i asked what it was for. he told me for rushmoore lending company which i looked up and it says it’s a mortgage company. i don’t own any property. could it be a payday loan i dont know. anyway he said it’s $016.00 and if i can pay half which is $900.00 in a week then the other $900.00 a week after my debt would be cleared. i told him due to covid i have no money. he said it’s not my problem. i told him no one has money he said that’s not true everyone has money. i was meaning for me and my family. I was so uncomfortable, he said wait for the paperwork to go to court. I emailed him and told him how rude he was. how can you treat people this way just uncalledfor. I don’t care of covid affected you really. Anyway what should i do.

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