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Kristine – Sep 03, 2020

Victim Location 84663

Type of a scam Debt Collections

These people called me out of thr blue and it was weird cause the call was like a robo call asking if it was c******** ****** and to press 1. I have had many scam calls before so I figured this was an another one I waitec on line as the phone rang and a lady answered why were you calling us. I was like you called me and the knew why she was just playing stupid. Oh is this for xxx-××××× number ch****** *****n and thats the info they had on me only and then she said you have medical bills. I said yea with the hospital (were I work) she proceeded to say no you 3 with other places. Well I know what I have I have only been to places with in my hospital s affiliation. So they are lying. The only one that may not be is the ambulance but I think that go paid by my insurance . by the hospital sending it to them. So the bills i owe are for my hospital and I have been paying them to them on there website. The hospital were I work and go for everything . my clinic/ dr is affiliated with them my cardiologist is the reab i went to. All part of my hosptial the one I work at. All the places I have bills with even utah palthology with them which just told me had a brich and my info may have been stolen. Well it was. And these are the scammers who did it. And you should not believe them that do all kinds of stuff to steal your money .I have read about the all over the internet . the are corrupt. And will be taken down . I am reporting them here and will call the police and FBI if I have too. -Rev C*** ******

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