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Brendan –

Victim Location 48458

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I got an unknown number phone call, caller left me a voicemail stating “My name is Nicole Wise I am a private courier and I have an outsource to deliver legal documentation to you that is surrounding your name and social security number I will be making several attempts to serve you on Friday, November 3 between the hours of three and five PM at your home residence or current place of employment if I am unable to obtain your signature on these documents they will be forwarded out to the county as a direct refusal to sign and you will be in jeopardy of missing an upcoming court appearance if you need further information regarding these proceedings or to reschedule your service date you will need to contact the filing party’s office immediately at 844-800-6832 case number is *** (my name) you have officially been notified…” I called this said 844 number. Spoke to several people who kept bringing up persuing lawsuits so I gave in and gave my debit card number not knowing it was a scam. Got legal advise and was advised to cancel said pmts and ask for documentation regarding the said balance owed. They refused to send anything the mail said they “will not be sending anything in the mail” and if I cancelled the pmts they will “proceed with serving orders” I luckily went and froze my debit card to avoid any fraudulent charges to my bank acct. This balance is from 2009-2010 and have never received any paperwork whatsoever regarding this said “collection balance”. I asked them when I called what their company was and they responded “a law firm” I was unable to find anything surrounding this “Lawson Recovery Group” either via google or their website (which does not exist).

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