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Jonathon –

Type of a scam Romance

I went on app called tinder, long story short I talked to a girl on there then google hangouts. She mentioned at one point that she wanted me to work for her, also she lived in canada and her mom needed surgery but her mom was in the states and that it would cost 21 000 . She said there was a couple that would help her out and write a cheque. But i forget if she said that company was in canada or the usa…I assume canada since she said it was a canadian cheque. i asked her " why dont you just have them sent it to you in the states" well i cant remember what she said but she gave me a mysterious excuse . below is the first person who emailed me and his information

*** *** ***  International Criminal

Court(ICC), Lillie, France

Chambers of Commerce.


he said the same thing the girl did, to give my mailing address . but when i emailed him with it he said to contact the following person with my information

Name: Fernandez Perez

Firm Name: Lax Group holdings

Email: *** 

I emailed this person not with my mailing address but with the question if there is going to be a fee i have to send before the cheque gets mailed… I have been scammed before and this seems very familiar to me. The last time I was scammed was infact from a place in france, they have not reply yet to the fee question but I am having premotions about what will happen and its not good. it seems like they have a girl to make contact with people, talk to them casually and then mention the cheque thing. They didn’t use that tactic a fews ago that i can remember if it was the same company…..Whether or not they say yes to a fee i have blocked them, told them I am reporting them to BBB. So be careful and I hope someone from BBB sends me a reply

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