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Dale – Nov 17, 2020

Just want to add that my experience was the same as everyone else. Got the laser two months later in a mainla envelope. It was a green laser and not blue as advertised. The laser did nothing that was claimed in their website. The only customer support was this guy named ‘Mark’ and I’m sure everyone got the same reply. We should report this to the attorney general in Florida.

Jeremy – Sep 03, 2020

Scammer’s phone unknown

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address unknoqn

Scammer’s email unknown

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

In June I purchased a laser from laxtrong advertised on Facebook. The advertisement showed a blue laser that could pop balloons light matches and cut tape and also burn wood.
The laser was advertised to come in a shipping Box with the case and batteries and safety goggles. There was no box no safety goggles and no batteries at the time it arrived…
Pretty sure all the replies I got from sending emails were from a robot that said batteries would not make it through customs and I had to buy my own, sorry for any inconvenience.
Well finally I broke down and bought my own batteries and just put them in the laser… and wouldn’t you know it, it wasn’t a blue laser (450-455nm) at all, it was a green laser. Somewhat bright but I held it at close range up against my hand for 20secs. in it didn’t even cause a sense of warmth let alone loan burn anything. Keep away from this Laxtrong… they’re selling substandard products… They are not what they are advertised to be. You could easily buy a similar laser pointer for $10 elsewhere.

Michelle – Aug 16, 2020

Scammer’s website

Country Uganda

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

Excessive shipping time
Defective product
No battery – expensive battery
No instructions on type of battery needed (specialty)
Cannot return for “any reason” as promised on website

Tiffany – Aug 16, 2020

They don’t tell you:
1) product took 6 weeks to receive
2) no battery
3) laser doesn’t stay on – damaged
4) dies not ignite a match or cut through items as displayed in their videos
5) you cannot return it for any reason as promised

Karl – Aug 09, 2020

Received product months later. No battery — but I bought batteries. It’s a bright laser pointer. No heat at all.

The terms of service say they accept refunds immediately after purchase — but not after shipping.


Felicia – Aug 07, 2020

Just like in all the other comments I was promised in addition to the laser, a battery
( Hi drain lithium ion 18650) case, safety goggles.
The laser showed up in a barely padded Manila envelope with no battery no case no safety goggles no charger no nothing… not even an instruction manual… I don’t even know if the laser works I haven’t been able to try yet… Don’t let yourself get sucked into this scam, Laxtrong Is flagrantly misrepresenting their product. The label on the packaging even says “contains lithium ion battery” and it does not!

Mathew – Aug 05, 2020

I waited 8 wks before i got the Laxtrong laser. It didn’t come with a battery as advertise nor did it come with the protective eyewear as advertised. I received a small padded envelope with the laser and 5 lens and that’s all. I emaile Laxtrong requesting a label or pkg so i can return for a full refund. That was over a week ago and still haven’t heard from Laxtrong. This is a scam. Do Not waste your money or time on this site. Facebook needs to remove their advertisement.

Jay – Aug 04, 2020

Biggest fake ever. Trusted because it was on facebook, my mistake. Ordered June 3, delivered august 2, 2020…and I paid for express shipping. Crazy tracking Number provided, no response from customer service. Tracking number said in transit Jamaica, NY, arrived Los Angeles, now arrived Gary, Indiana, in transit Chicago, etc. all within the same time frame. Was promised a fire starting laser, battery, case, charger and adjustable lenses. I received A plain Manila barely padded envelope, a “laser” and a bag of plastic lenses. If it was a real “laser” they would melt. Oh, forgot to say they do not even screw in. Barely stick in the threaded hole and fall out. But that’s ok, because no battery provided, nor charger. Or instructions, so no idea as to what battery is required. What a damned waste of funds. Chinese BS, scammed along with countless others. Stated made and shipped from USA. Tracking number was from Yanwen? Chinese shipper. Conveniently they tried to cover the Yanwen tracking with USPS label. Which came off. Apparently it ships from China to here then shipped again. Emailed for a return, stated Satisfaction guaranteed. Now “Mark” states that only returned for replacement. I dont Want this crap that doesn’t perform as stated. Take this and shove it where the sun does not shine. I hope that is lost in translation. Matt R, North Dakota

Alyssa – Jul 28, 2020

Like all the above experiences, I too was suckered into buying a way overpriced office pointer. It took so long to get here, I completely forgot about the included battery , glasses and case. This Mark seems most likely, a computer generated response to all inquiries. I have asked to even talk to someone instead of this mindless email bantering. I wish I saw these blogs before my purchase! I fell for the same crap with a bluetooth speaker that promised huge output and was the size of a gallon milk jug in the video. Imagine my surprise after waiting 4 months , recieving an ostridge egg size item that barely resembles what i ordered! These b.s. companies have caused me to question buying anything seen on Facebook. Shame on them for allowing such false advertisers on their site. Basic rule of thumb: if it says it’s coming from China or has no point of origin, don’t bother. Covid-shmovid, nothing should take 4 months to ship! Buy American and God bless the USA

Hannah – Aug 04, 2020

Damned joke. I was taken as well, Facebook won’t allow opinions but will allow people being scammed. @loveit. @zuckerbergcan****it, @chineseb******t.

Barbara – Jul 19, 2020

Me and my wife ordered 2 lasers years apart from 2 different companies. At this point I am sure they were the same company, just waited a while and made a new name and new website. Took 6 months to get both lasers. Neither of them actually burns anything. Neither of them came with batteries and the second one was supposed to come with a case, and glasses but it did not. I have been emailing them with no success because they just keep telling me I wasn’t using it on the right materials which I was. But they pretended I did just tell them I used it on paper and proceeded to tell me to only use it on the advertised materials. (One of them was paper). They are playing dumb and acting like I have done something wrong and they can’t help me. I went so far as to send them screenshots and videos of their incorrect laser and they still acted like nothing was wrong. Eventually I cussed them out. Conveniently I can’t find their Facebook or Instagram pages to go report now. Rest assured next time some page pops up with lasers, I’m just gonna go report it right away. Here’s pics if the GREEN not blue laser and the lack of burning after using and some of the BS they sent in their emails.

Johnny – Jul 16, 2020

The laxer lite does not work and the company did not send batteries. They are glorified laser lights and do not burn anything even having to buy the batteries separately even though I was charged for all of them. I ordered four and there was no warning label or any label of the product. No batteries or safety glasses. Worst purchase and no one will email me back about the problem.

Jordan – Jul 14, 2020

Unfortunately I did not research this information before I ordered. Laxtrong is just a glorified laser pointer and will not even light gasoline. It did not come with a battery as advertised, it will not ignite matches or even toilet paper as advertised. I have corresponded with their “Support” department and keep getting a run around about the product and referenced to their return policy. Please do not give this company ANY money, you will be sorry!

Phillip – Jul 09, 2020

I ordered Laxtrong Firelak laser pointer from LAXSTRONG received it almost 60 days later. They provided me with a bogus tracking number and it was never sent to the carrier. I have been in email contact with Mark and he kept asking me to wait. This happened several times. I think he wanted me to wait past the 60 day credit card dispute limit. When I filed a dispute with the credit card company, I received the laser within 3 days. It was shipped from Jamaica NY, not the Chinese link they sent me and using a different tracking number. Like other blogs, I did not receive the 18650 battery or the goggles. This has turned me off buying anything on Facebook.

Marc – Jul 09, 2020

I have had the same experience as everyone else. I purchased the Firelak laser. It stated that it came with: 1x FIRELAK™
5x Interchangeable Laser Lenses
1x 18650 High Drain Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
1x Special Protective Glasses (FIREGLASS™)
1x Packing Box
I received the laser and 5 lenses but no battery or glasses. When I emailed the company, this is all I got back:

Dear Customer, by procedures established in customs, our products are arriving at their destination without battery, sorry for the inconvenience.
for the product that we sell the necessary battery is # 18650.
Note: they are customs regulations, the truth excuse the inconvenience. (Battery)

Laxtrong support team.

El mié., 8 jul. 2020 a las 14:58, Laxtrong (Shopify) () escribió:

This company is obviously a scam company doing obvious false advertising. Also, the laser I did receive is not a very powerful laser. It does NOT burn anything or even start matches on fire. It is simply a laser pointer.

Tristan – Jul 09, 2020

Ordered a Laser,… May 22 it arrived July 3rd.


No battery was shipped as advertised and the laser is just a pointer it doesn’t burn through anything like they show in the demo video. They are a pain to deal with (obviously foreign they barely understand English) so I’m calling my bank to have the transaction reversed.

Patricia – Jul 08, 2020

Below is all I can get from the Laxtrong website:

Black / 1 FIRELAK™

May. 22, 2020 10:33 PM
Order in fulfillment process

This company is an apparent scam site. I have been blocked from sending emails to them since I got rather terse about their vague responses to my repeated requests for some tracking help.

Ian – Jul 07, 2020

Website claims (6) days to process orders and 2-3 days shipping. It has been over 8 weeks, several attempts to follow up and only provided link to Chinese tracking site that does not offer any information. Seems they only have one person in customer service “Mark” LOL, Buyer beware!

Christina – Jul 03, 2020

I’m writing to lodge a complaint against a company that sells items (lasers) through your portal. The company is called Lextrong, and they were offering a 3000mw, 445nm FIRELAK laser for a total price $41.95. Using their sales portal I ordered and charged one unit to my bank card. This was on June 1st. Later in the day I received an email from the company acknowledging receipt of the payment, and an assurance that the order was “in process of fullfilment”. A tracking number (link) was provided which lead to a French search engine that did not recognize the tracking number.

On Wednesday, June 17th I emailed a request for an update on the status. A reply stated that they had to “comply with the purchasing and logistics procedures”, regretting the delay, and closed with an assurance my order was “in transit”.

Ten days later (June 27) I again sent a request for information, and requested a refund if nothing had arrived by the end of business day (5:00 P.M.). A day later I was again assured my order was a “in transit”.

The correspondence I’ve conducted with Laxtrong has been through their representative “Mark”.

Ruben – Jul 03, 2020

Well, for what its worth, I purchased a lazer from them on June 1st, 2 days later i received an email from USPS indicating a shipping label was created but item has not yet been recieved. That is what it still says over a month later. I’ve contacted Laxtrong customer service 9 times since then and all they ever say is “please be patient, I assure you your package is on the way to you”. They have provided a foreign shipping tracker which showed it actually arrived at LAX Airport, but it just sat there for 10 days, then it showed the package was picked up by Jamacian shipping in New York (other side of the country from me) on the 26th of June. It still shows it in New York today July 3rd. I’ve asked for help or answers or anything Laxtrong could do to find out what is happening and provided them with copies of shipping / tracking info, and they still only reply “be patient i assure you your package will arrive soon”. This appears to be some sort of scam, and if its not a scam, they are SO TERRIBLE at shipping and help its not worth the purchase. They also lied through out their add, which indicates they have a warehouse in the U.S. that they ship from so packages will arrive in 2 to 5 days. This is a blatant lie. I’m sure at this point if I do receive the lazer in the future it will absolutely not be what was advertised at all. These people should be put out of business or at least stopped from selling in the U.S.
Shoppers beware of this ripoff site and purchase from others, NOT Laxtrong!

Tanya – Jul 03, 2020

Glad I’m not the only one who isn’t receiving a battery. Customer service is a joke who can hardly make a English sentence in full. They make every excuse in the word as to why they can’t reimburse me and play the “our return policy says” but as I told them the item is faulty if you don’t send a battery. Plus it’s false advertisement. Either way I’ll get my money back when I go to my bank an file a fraud complaint and then the bank will pay me and go from there. Screw this joke of a business.

Raquel –

I just got my order from them but it did not come with a battery. I’d only came with 5 lenses. It does not glow purple or set anything on fire. It’s a green laser that does nothing. I’m so upset 😡 I want my money back

Aimee –

The website states that the item includes a battery and some filters. This is not at true statement. They stated that US Customs will not allow the battery to be shipped and they were willing to refund me $3.00 for the “inconvenience”. A battery runs around $16.00 plus shipping. The support team is not helpful. The company is committing wire fraud and should be investigated.

Jeffrey –

I purchased an item from them and it took over a month to receive. When I did receive it it only came with 5 lens and the firelak. No battery, no glasses and no box. When I emailed them about this they stated they can not ship the battery due to custom reasons. No where on there site do they state this. They refuse to send the battery or to refund my money.

Neil –

Placed my order on May 24. Got Confirmation of order shortly after. Received email that my order was shipped on May 26 with tracking information. First link sent me to a site in French, Second Link was in Chinese. Found the Tracking number and checked with the USPS.
USPS said tracking label was Purchased but Package was Not Yet in The System. I emailed them to check on order on June 5 and they replied back the next day stating that my order has been shipped and to check with Shipper. It is Now June 21 and still nothing. For a Company that Supposedly ships from the US, You’d Expect Better Service. I would Not Recommend this Company. Their Product May Be Great but I Would Not Know yet because they did not Deliver as Promised. That Could Explain why there is No Customer Reviews on Their Website.

Janet –

Bought a laxtrong Firelak. It took almost a month to get it in the mail (they claim customs delays even though the website claims they’re based in the US).

Once I got it, all of the things they listed as “included” weren’t with it. This includes the battery that makes it work. AGAIN, they claim customs issues even though they “have warehouses all over the US”. They’re making me buy an additional battery even though I bought the kit that was supposed to have one in it and…wouldn’t customs take the second battery if they wouldn’t allow them to ship the first one?

Total scam. Save your money.

Joshua –

Stay away from this company…seriously!

Another reason to buy USA

They also sell other items advertised on Facebook using DIFFERENT company names but it is ultimately the same company.

First, they advertise as if they are an American company. They really are not they are a Chinese company with a small USA presence in which to distribute their products.

*They are not a USA company and when trying to get which their customer service dept it has to be done via email and you don’t receive any responses until after midnight (time zone differences). All of the emails exhibit very poor grammar making it difficult to communicate with them.

Second, they state that customers in the USA will have their items shipped from their USA facility via USPS Priority 2-5 day service.

*This is ABSOLUTELY not the case. They ship their items from China via a company called Yanwen which takes several weeks then it goes to USPS.

Third, they will attempt to mislead you about the status of your item(s) outright.

*When you press harder for the status, they will simply respond via email stating “check the shipping website using the tracking numbers”. A very generic response to say the least. This is where I noticed that USPS states they are still awaiting receipt of the item from their shipping partner. Meaning USPS still has not even received the item that was supposed to be delivered in 2-5 days.

1. The company has refused to assist in locating the items.
2. The company has refused to send replacement items.
3. The company has refused to provide a refund on the purchase.
4. The company finally admitted that they shipped the items from China not the USA

I now have to go thru the credit card company to dispute the purchase.

AGAIN…stay away from LAXTRONG or any of their ‘associated’ companies.

Deborah –

I ordered 1 item of laxtrong a lazer pointer on may 18, 2020 until now June 16 I did not receive it yet they already take money and I did not receive my order yet or you can return my money but I suggest I like that lazer that burn the head or anything. I guess people receive there lazer is now enjoying there lazer but me I’m still waiting my lazer and thank you I wish I received it son

Neil –

It won’t come with a battery. No ones does and they’ll offer you a $3 refund is all

Gloria –

Laxtrong confirmed my ordered for the laser on June 2, 2020 by email. They by email confirmed they had shipped it an gave me a tracking number. The USPS has confirmed they did purchase the shipping label, but the package was not in the system yet. I contacted Laxtrong to find out why they hadn’t shipped yet. They claim it was shipped. As of June 16, 2020 I have not receive anything and the USPS still shows it not in the system yet.

Brandy –

Victim Location 90012

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

They lie and send you fake tracking info and try to stall. Tracking info is Chinese and doesn’t say anything readable. Scammers!!!

Kelsey –

Victim Location 13308

Total money lost $39.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a product from this company, they took the money from my account. I have not received the product, I can’t track it and I have reached out to their customer service numerous times with no response.

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