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Larry – Dec 13, 2020

I have had a friend on Facebook that I have been friends with for years. I commented on of her posts and got a reply back at 1:30 am. Which I thought was strange but then she wanted to know how I was. So I sent her back a message. She said she was great since her life had been turned around by getting $50,000.00 from the LCIF program. It was not a loan and it didn’t have to be paid back, all I had to do was pay for the paperwork and postage and the money would be sent to me. I asked more questions, because the wording in the sentences just didn’t sound like her at all. So she went in to say that a friend of hers that she saw at the store had done the same thing and gotten $150,000.00. The more I thought about it, I knew it was not my friend. This person sent me a number to send a text to. I told them thank you and not 2 minutes later they sent me another message asking me if I had text them yet. I did say no I will later. Which I am not. But I am going to contact my friend and let her know someone is using her instant message account. This is awful! People are so terrible anymore. I hope they can be caught! I did not give them any information… I just hope they were not able to hack my account or phone by me just sending an instant messages. 😢

Caitlin – May 26, 2020

Victim Location 38672

Type of a scam Government Grant

I have known a woman on my Facebook contact for several years. I recurved a message on Facebook messenger out of the blue from her today and right away I knew something was off. Her wording was off and it was out of character for her to ask me such a thing. This person had hacked her account and even knew she was very involved in the church and took advantage of that by saying prayers to me and she’s had a graceful change in life. She tried to get me into a grant with the LCIF. I already knew it was a scam but others may not and they’ll be taken advantage of. Just disgusting. Also noticed on messenger it had using messenger without Facebook and a phone number with this name so I searched on the app for the same name (Annette Lott) and it said using Facebook with messenger. I know my friend has Facebook because she’s always posted her church events! I asked them to remind me how it is we know each other and then I went off and let them know I reported them to Facebook and they deleted it! Sick!! My friend is a victim because her name was being used to reach out to people. I was targeted but did not fall for it so no money was asked for but if I would’ve kept on playing along, I know o would’ve been asked! This person knows my full name and who knows if they hacked me or my friend list during this time.

Adriana – Apr 23, 2020

I just had a family friend (older gentleman in his 80’s) on Facebook send me a message about Lions Club LCIF grants, was awarded $100,000 no repayment needed. Constantly pushed me to click this link:, and a Sharon Nelson is supposedly going to help me apply. I noticed there was an unrelated incident with this name and know this is a scam.

Jessie – Apr 18, 2020

Victim Location 66935

Type of a scam Charity

Received message about getting money through LCIF

Ernest – Apr 23, 2020

Victim Location 64111

Type of a scam Government Grant

Scammer contacted me via FB Messenger posing as my cousin. Began telling me about a Grant from LCIF (Lions Club). Told me they received $50,000 in grant money. Shared with me an agent number I could text to apply for grant. Told me to message them back to let them know what the agent said. At this point I realized it was not my cousin and notified the messenger I was reporting them.

Ashlee –

Victim Location 32024

Type of a scam Government Grant

Posing as a friend on Facebook Messenger with new account, urging to contact an agent regarding a grant from Lions Club for $150k. Looking for private info.

Margaret –

Victim Location 71037

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Was contacted by someone I believed to be my brother Ron Lyle on Facebook who said if I pay $1000 I would receive a.he want.from.the lcif in the amount of $100,000. I was.told drug store.and buy 10 $100 Amazon cards, scratch the back of.them.and to.send to.them via.Facebook messenger. I did just that and it was.a.complete scam.

Melanie –

Victim Location 21750

Type of a scam Government Grant

On my messenger I was contacted by an ex-employer in regards to getting financial help for my situation. In the processing of filing an application through LCIF. The representatives name was Sharon Nelson. She waited 24 hours came back and said I was verified and approved for the grant. Then proceeded to ask for large amounts of money to be able to process my check. Then they sent me a chart with whatever amount I sent them would depend on how much I received. That’s when I became suspicious, and asked why it couldn’t be taken out of the grant money.

Micah –

Thank you I just received the same scam message! Your info confirmed it thanks-

Mitchell –

Victim Location 99163

Type of a scam Government Grant

Contacted by a Stacy Anne Williams. Says I qualify for the grant but then sends list of what the “fee”is for the dollar amount you wish to receive

Seth –

Victim Location 33823

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received information at work about a program offering families $50,000 or more of government money in exchange for my personal information. They wanted all of my info including my mothers name. The program is described as being from the United Nations to help and support from World Bank for living living in 2019. I saved the text messages I received.

Ebony –

Victim Location 32750

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted by what I thought was a good friend thru Facebook messager telling me how she received a grant from the government and that I should see if I qualify. They ask for name, address, birthdate, income, phone, whether or not you own or rent, how much you have in savings and whether or not you have an IRA or a money market acct. Response is immediate. So is approvals. Your “friend” will keep in contact with you encouraging you on. The grant is for any amount of money you can imagine. You only have to send a processing fee. I called my friend on the phone to see if it was really her and of course it was not! Do not fall for this scam. Freezing your credit will stop them from opening accounts in your name if you gave them any information.

Jodi –

Victim Location 85345

Type of a scam Government Grant

The message acts like it’s from someone I know asking me if I have heard of LCIF. It states you can send a text to the number I provided you and request a grant. Then they sent a list of info needed: full name, address, sex, age, marital status, mobile number, email, occupation, income, own house/rent, UPS or FEDEX, Do you want cash or check.

Terry –

Victim Location 96789

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a message through Facebook from a friend who told me about a company (LCIF) that was giving grants if qualified and gave me a phone number to contact for a Patrick Williams. I texted the guy and he just asked for basic information, so because my friend said that it was legitimate, I gave him my information. Not even ten minutes later,he told me I got a grant for $150,000 and said I had to pay to ship the check to me. He said I would have to pay $1000 so I looked up the company and figured out it was a scam. I did not give him any banking info or my social, but am worried since he has my personal information. What do I do?

2 thoughts on “LCIF”

  1. LCIF IS a real charity…. it is the charitable arm of Lions Clubs International. IT IS NOT a personal loan/grant organization. LCIF ONLY gives grant money to Lions Clubs or Districts in the event of a disaster. If someone is soliciting you for bank info to get a grant, THAT IS A SCAM.

    Deb Hayes
    Past District Governor, Lions Clubs International District 33K

  2. cynthia c oldfield

    my friend sent me a text about getting money from the lcif program.i did not have to pay it back.i had too do everything they asked me for and i would get the money i thought i would try it because we needed money to get us out of debt.after i started the agent continued to ask me for more money.i had to buy google play cards and send them to when i sent 300 the agent said it was not enough and i had to send another 400 which i do not have.i had already sent nearly 3000 to get the so called 70,000 they said i would get once i sent the 300.i am retired and live on a fixed income and i dont know how i will ever get the money i spent back.i dont have enough to even buy food of pay my can i get the money back?

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