Le Reviva Skin Care

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Amy –

Victim Location 19046

Total money lost $89.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On July 23, 2018 I ordered what I believed to be a sample of a product called Le Reviva Skin Care for $4.95. I let the original scam slip by me in that I did not notice that my credit card was charged TWICE for $4.95: once by PureYourHealth.com (888-540-5137/FL 33624) and once by Gentleskincream.com (888-499-6349/FL 33702). Then on August 6, 2018, my credit card was charged $89.99 by Gentleskincream.com. and on August 8, 2018 it was charged another $89.99 by PureYourHealth.com. I called to ask what I was being charged for and was advised that the one small bottle I had received was not a "sample" but the actual product and I had not cancelled my subscription. I asked them to provide me with any documentation that I had "subscribed to anything". They told me they would reimburse my money since "I apparently didn’t understand what I was getting in to and they would cancel my account. Then on August 21, 2018 my credit card was charged $89.99 by ReplenishFace.com (888-495-4219/FL33702. After several phone calls, my credit card was in fact reimbursed $89.99 three times, once each from each company noted above. Each time I was told to "keep the cream as a gift from them"; however, no cream every showed up. Not that I wanted the cream, but I was surprised I had been billed and nothing had been shipped. I thought this was over after my reimbursements. Then on January 7, 2019, my credit card was billed $89.99 by PreciousDieting.com. I immediately called to see what this was and was shocked when they answered "Reviva". I was livid. I told them this amounted to fraud and they were not to use my credit card again. I was told I would be reimbursed and then hung up on. I called back later and confirmed that my account was being reimbursed. When I advised that I was contacting the ScamPulse.com for what I considered fraud, I was immediately sent an email (from [email protected]) confirming my reimbursement. My refund was in fact completed that day. I also advised that I wanted confirmation that my credit card information was being removed from their records, but to date I have not received this. In going back over my credit card statements I notice I was also charged $89.99 on October 31, 2018 by PureYourHealth.com but due to some medical issues at that time, this one slipped by me and was not disputed. I would like to prevent others from being scammed by these companies and to expose how they keep re-using my credit card for unauthorized purchases.

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