Le Soleil Crochet

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Ebony –

Victim Location 37091

Total money lost $380

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw her instagram page that displayed her clothing. I asked if she had any premade items in my size and she said she did and I paid for it on cash app because her website was “down” on June 28th. She said she would get it shipped right away. I then asked for some custom pieces for an additional $300. She said she would get it made and shipped out right away. I told her not to rush because I needed it 3 weeks away by July 19th and she said it would be shipped by then and I would get updates. I didn’t get any updates and after multiple times of trying to contact her she responded that the custom pieces were still being made but she could send out the premade dress. This is occurring all the while she’s making shipment posts every two weeks without ever shipping. That date is missed and then I said to have it done the week of August 14th. After several more times of reaching out, she said she took a break and would have the order by then. I needed the pieces for a festival the August 23rd and 24th. These dates are missed and I requested a refund and she said no refunds which makes no sense if I haven’t received a product. Then she requested a time extension and a partial refund and changed her story several times and was saying her store terms were applicable when there was no mention of the store terms. Also, she lied several times about emails sent. When I threatened to file a police report. On August 25th, she sent me a tracking number and said my items would be shipped out no later than the 27th to avoid any trouble because my items were mostly made anyway. However, as of September 12th there has not been any update of the tracking number. She also said she wasn’t a scammer because some people had received her items, but she does not understand if there are any people who pay and don’t receive items then it is a scam. Lastly, after she sent this false tracking number she blocked on all social media to avoid further contact so I will move forward with the police report. Also, there are multiple mentions of her scamming practice on twitter. She says she makes pieces as a hobby to avoid strict product turnaround times, but she is making more than enough money to qualify as a business and is operating with any sort of business license and should be disabled from selling anything else

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