Lear Disposition Group Ltd/Team Lear

Lear Disposition Group Ltd/Team Lear Scam or Legit? Check Lear Disposition Group Ltd/Team Lear Reviews below.
Katherine –

Victim Location 95821

Total money lost $499

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by Mark Cannon with Team Lear on April 15th, 2015. I was told that if I signed up with their service I would be given all of the local assignments for Auction properties. They charged a fee of $499 to perform BPO’s with the promise of the Listing when the bank foreclosed on the property. I was only given the initial 3 properties and never heard from them again. I did call once wondering why I hadn’t received any more and was assured I was the only person getting the leads from their service in my area. I have watched the properties that I had been assigned and one was sold at auction to an LLC, the other is no longer showing as an auction property and the third was taken back by the bank August 25th, 2015. I have left several messages to try and find out when I would be assigned the Listing and never heard back. Today the property was Listed by another agent!

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