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Mandy –

Victim Location 73750

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I had a credit/debit card terminal through them in 2006, company closed sent machine back. Never heard from them until now. I’m being sued in Illinois for $4000+ for breach of contract. The contract they have attached isn’t even my signature. This company is a bunch of crooks!

Andrea –

Victim Location 98290

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I closed my business in Feb 2018, cancelling credit card services through contracted agency. Agency cancelled all contracts, which were month-month, per standard procedures. In May I received a bill from LFG stating my account wasn’t closed and I owed $137 for leasing of two ieces of equipment. Once they acknowledged I returned in February, the other I never leased. The man on the phone was beyond rude; stating “merchants are all the same, they only want to talk and never listen”. He was expecting me to listen to him tell me that I had a “non-cancellable” contract that would not end until I paid them and then cancelled. I called my vendor, having never worked with LFG directly. She described the cancellation process per LFG procedure and also noted they no longer did business with this company because they were notorious for this aggressive behavior. The did include a cancellation letter with the equiptment as directed by LFG procedure.

I called LFG back, they wont speak with my vendor directly, and explained this again. The same man answered, who proceeded to tell me “you obviously like the sound of your own voice so I will just be quiet until you are tired of hearing it and maybe you will listen to me tell you again, if you dont pay we will come after you in collections, you cannot cancel this contract until you pay us what you owe.” I NEVER owed them anything, which is the point. SCAM SCAM SCAM. My vendor will pay them just to end this, but I have to get a check from them to pay it off, since they wont accept payment direct from the vendor. I suspect they will jack the price even further. RUDE and UNETHICAL bullies who should be SHUT DOWN for bad business practices.

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