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Led Factory Mart Scam or Legit? Check Led Factory Mart Reviews below.
Devon – Nov 04, 2020

LED Factory Mart has good products and great prices! They always answer customers questions and they are very kind. I recommend it!

Christian – Nov 03, 2020

I have seen a lot of bad reviews on LED Factory Mart which had me nervous but I turned out to be a good place to order parts from my parts came on time and they were the right parts thank you car parts I will use you again

Brandon – Oct 31, 2020

Has done me well would recommend thanks ledfactorymart.com enjoyed their products and are very friendly and will help with your needs.

Janelle – Oct 29, 2020

I strongly advise to buy from this store.Very fast to send and fantastic prices.Álem for very good customer service.

Kevin – Oct 28, 2020

I did order an item from them and they have delivered on time to my surprise during these awful times of COVID-19, I surely will order again from them without any hesitation.

Tyrone – Oct 27, 2020

Professional customer service, always respond to any questions and problem, the best that I found, they refund me

Benjamin – Oct 26, 2020

I bought the beamer headlights (no halo), LED parking lights/taillights/3rd brake light.
Installation was a breeze, did it all in about an hour or so.
They look great and are clearer than the OEM’s. The total cost was about 300.00 and I highly recommend it

Carla – Oct 24, 2020

Great price better then all the rest. I checked on this exact item. And a complicated website easy to navigate. 5 stars with flying colors!

Shanna – Oct 24, 2020

Its the first time I’ve used lfm and my order was delivered in good time, in good condition and good quality.

Dale – Oct 22, 2020

goods cheap, good quality and rapid delivery. not the same with many companies.

Jonathan – Oct 21, 2020

I bought a set of led lights for my 2019JL, the delivery time is 5 days,Really impressed with this companies commitment to customer satisfaction.

Wesley – Oct 20, 2020

LED Factory Mart is a reliable shop. They have large selection of LEDs at good prices. The complaints are without problems. I recommend their.

Janet – Oct 18, 2020

I ordered a cree spotlight with a magnetic base from LED FACTORY MART.

I received a cree spotlight WITHOUT a magnetic base from LED FACTORY MART. This makes the product Absolutely useless for me to use.

I have made many phone calls To the LED FACTORY MART “24/7 customer service” to correct the problem but The phone calls keep getting dropped after staying on the line for a long period of time waiting for a LED FACTORY MART Representative.

I have also sent emails to LED FACTORY MART but Have received NO response from the LED FACTORY MART “24/7 customer service” center.

If I had sent LED FACTORY MART half the money owed for the product, would LED FACTORY MART have sent me the product anyway? NO!

But somehow it’s ok for LED FACTORY MART to send me half the product I purchased at full price… and then LED FACTORY MART has provided NO customer service.

When an order is placed with LED FACTORY MART, you get the impression LED FACTORY MART is an American company but it now appears LED FACTORY MART is a Chinese company. Very misleading.

I have always preferred to trade with American companies for superior products and better customer service, or at least some customer service. I guess I wasn’t wrong in that belief.

Andres – Oct 20, 2020

Hi Joe, I did order this spotlight before, you need to remove the plastic on the bottom of the light, then you can find the magnet. Same questions as you have, but the customers replied me quickly. The lights have been used for months and it works great.

Robert – Oct 17, 2020

The delivery was in time

Wesley – Oct 15, 2020

A very good shopping experience. An item arrived relatively quick, in 10 days. It was as described on web site.

Chelsea – Oct 12, 2020

Easy Refund and good customer service

Marc – Oct 10, 2020

I am able to find quality items at reasonable prices. I enjoy the free delivery with my purchases.

Ronnie – Sep 26, 2020

I had an issue with an headlighs that So I contacted them. Got fairly quick reply’s and finally came to a joined agreement on how to deal with the issue.

Jodi – Sep 25, 2020

Good company. Can say the support has gone up and is a bit better

Summer – Sep 24, 2020

The first time using LED Factory Mart, great first experience, got my perfect Halo headlights at a reasonable price, I’m able to buy all the other upgrade parts I need, Thanks.

Mindy –

I bought SP-COMBO38 as my 2019JL from LED Factory Mart. At first, it didn’t work properly. I thought it was damaged. After contacting customer service, they replied me quickly and I learned that connect the decoder that came with the parcel is needed. So far, everything is fine.

Beth –

For be the first time… Amazing how fast I get my items..

Ashlee –

I have a 2012 Harley, I wanted LED turn signal bulb replacements only. They tried selling me an entire signal replacement front and back. Finally I got it through their stupid skulls that all I wanted was bulbs and I asked them for the correct fitment, they sent me the link, I ordered the bulbs from what they sent. When the bulbs came in I proceeded to install them and of course they did not fit. When I tried to return them, I had to send pictures and videos of the bulbs not fitting, then they again tried to sell me an entire replacement package for my signals. At this point I am furious, and I let them know it, then they said I had to take pictures of the bulbs in their original packing before they would let me return them. After I did this, they gave me an address to return but no RTA# just an address to return them to. Again furious with their incompetence, I sent them back for $17.99 UPS with a note stating I wanted this money refunded also, 2 days later after I sent the product they sent me a UPS label WTF! This has been a 2 month process to get any refund at all let alone the refund for the $17.99 Shipping which I am still fighting for. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE A JOKE AND THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL NOT TO MENTION, WHEN THEY CONTACT YOU CAN BARELY UNDERSTAND THE GARBLE THEY SEND VIA FB MESSENGER…Save yourself the aggravation and pay more money for better product and service!

Natasha –

Horrible company, total scam. Everything is wacky from the start from payment issues on their site, tracking numbers and deliveries were not the items that were actually in the delivery, instructions were horrible, they claim fast 24hr support, i received my Halos on wed i called numerous times for 2 days and finally talked to someone friday, she had 10 minutes to talk to me because their hours and the call conveniently disconnected at 5pm, called all day Saturday and it said someone would be with me shortly then would just disconnect. Emailed as suggested since Thursday, received an email today(Monday) with some bs instructions for installation even though I already had the lights installed. The app they tell you to use totally deletes all other Bluetooth devices, they are supposed to have easy returns but i can’t get ahold of anyone to return these lights and the phone number for returns was a personal cell phone of a Chinese person I could barely understand. Total scam. Filed a complaint with PayPal. Hoping that paypal can help.

Theresa –

LED light kit for motorcycle missing parts
I ordered LED light kit for my motorcycle. Upon receiving the item, I noticed the box was missing the front turn signal lights. I immediately tried calling the company but got voicemail constantly. I emailed them several times and after 3 days, I just received a response stating that production stopped on the orange front blinkers. They offered a black front turn signal but I asked to make sure the bulbs were orange because I can not use red front turn signals in my state. I also questioned them as to why I was not informed that part of the order was no longer available. I guess they just assumed I would overlook it. I have also noticed that my back turn signals which stated plug and play on the website are not correct. I have to rewire them to get them to work but I am very dissatisfied with their customer service. I also left a review on their website and they keep removing it.

Hector –

Ordered the COMBO27 Halo Headlights for my husband for Father’s Day gift. They sent me the CL107-B for the Halo headlights and CL162-B for the fog lights. These are not what I ordered. It is a lot less than what I paid for. Called and emailed customer support. Left messages and still no answer. I am beginning to wonder if they are scam. Very frustrating.

Courtney –

Finally got someone to answer and told me that they sent me the correct order. At this point I just wanted my husband to be able to use his gift. We installed the headlights and the fog lights. Countered a little problem with the app, but everything is working fine now. My husband is happy and satisfied with the lights. The only thing I recommend for this company is to improve their customer service.

Lance –

Same issue here! The box I received was missing parts that I paid for and they take days to get back to you through email and do not accept responsibility for their mistake

Deanna –

I have been shopping in this store for about two years. I mainly buy headlights, tools . Sometimes there are longer delivery terms. This is one of the few Chinese stores where the delivery or quality problem was dealt fairly. This is one of the reasons I will shop here. I don’t have to worry about my money here. Prices and choice are good at ledfactorymart.

Alana –

I purchased a pair of led headlights from ledfactorymart which to me were good value for my money.

Upon ordering them there was a delay in the processing for 1 weeks due to no stock but I spoke to a polite customer service staff member who told me the day they would be dispatched and on this day they indeed were dispatched with a tracking number.

The time for these light to arrive from them was one week and the tracking information was the best that I have ever seen through purchasing from a company online.

upon arrival the headlights were exactly what I ordered and was very pleased with these.

I am a very fussy person when it cmes to buying products but ledfactorymart are the best compant for a longhaul purchase that I have ever used and would buy from them again and would recomend them to anyone.

Aimee –

A dishonest Chinese company. I would rather pay more to buy form a honest company anywhere else. They priced higher than sellers from eBay with the same stuff but worse yet, they will scam the heck out of you if you need any support after you place your order.

Beth –

I purchased the Cree LED headlights on ledfactorymart. They are real brighter than what I purchased on Amazon. They replied to me quickly on Facebook, maybe you can try to contact them on Facebook.

Joshua –

Just in time for promotion buy 2 get 1 free, it’s the best LEDs I had on my 2017 Toyota 4 runner so far! Highly recommended. Going to go with these when I get a 9005 high beam/H11 low beam installed.

Caitlin –

I was going to buy a light bar but honestly these things put out so much light. Packaged very well, easy to install. Took about 20 minutes super bright. The only thing that was not great was the length of time it took to get them 9 days!

Eddie –

My LEDs should’ve been here 20 days ago. I contacted DHL and they said it never left China. Filing a PayPal claim now. They don’t answer the phone or emails.

Sharon –

Did you ever get your LED’s from this company?

Ricardo –

Got mine in about a week if I remember right, you can contact [email protected]
I Spect this virus has things slowed down some
Honestly brother
These lights rock for me
Much, much brighter
Makes my old sealed beams look yellow

Melinda –

Very great product very easy to install, it is a plug and play for the basic headlights. You will need to splice the red wire wire into your daytime running lights and connect the red and green line to the positive pole of turn signal to work but it was very simple once I figured out which wire was the correct one… And also I did not connect the anti flicker device that come with the led headlight for these because it’s not affecting my lights at all. These have less flicker than my stock headlights I replaced. Very happy with these lights! Very bright and the halo is awesome!

Terrance –

Without a doubt those LED Factory Mart LED are the best for the money…Installed on my Harley and I could not be happier, they fit perfect and look amazing. True story while at the dealer a sales rep tell me that my day maker lights look bad [censored], than he said you shelled out a tons of money for them. I laughed and told them that they are not the Harley brand. He could not believe it. Told his friends and they all shook their heads on how their really wasn’t any different from the Harley ones.

Steve –

So far I’m pretty satisfied with the product. The lights are very bright and very stylish. Everything works as intended and installation was very easy with all of the videos on YouTube. As long as you connect everything properly you should not have any problems. I hope it lasts a long time as I really love the look it gives my Jeep. I purchased extra wiring to run my turn signal wires to my turn signals behind my grill and bought splicing connectors so that I wouldn’t need to cut any existing turn signal wiring I just spliced right in. I also bought a fuse adapter that I plugged into the acc slot of the fuse box to draw power so that my halos turn on when starting the Jeep.

Zachary –

Claim orders ship in 48 from California. Reality is orders ship from China. If they ship at all, they claim my order had been picked up but DHL shows waiting to get it for over a week. When you post these facts on their facebook ad they remove the comments and block you. Don’t do business with fly by night companies making false statements then hiding the truth. Smells like a scam.

Isaac –

Did you ever receive the items you ordered from this company or was it just really slow shipping?

Carl –

I received this combo on March 11 and it took me half an hour to install it, so far it is all worth it
I love the black version to my roadking, it’s perfect fit excellent look. Headlight super bright especially at night, highly recommend.

Emily –

Victim Location 47987

Total money lost $131

Type of a scam Online Purchase

the product they sold should work good and by the description, is should of been good lights…

they also claim to be A+ rating w bbb…. as soon as I told them the stuff wrong with there light, they didn’t respond..

and the phone number is out of Delaware, they are out of California… but Id thought I would try it…

Claudia –

Maybe you can contact this [email protected], I have contacted them before about how to install the headlight, they gave me detailed tutorials within 24 hours

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