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Lee Jones Decorator- Impostor Scam or Legit? Check Lee Jones Decorator- Impostor Reviews below.
Phillip – Mar 15, 2020

I got this text from him today about a job because he saw my profile on indeed but I thought it was odd that he didn’t reach out via Indeed. So I looked up his name and came across this scampulse web site. This is the text I received.

Hi, my name is Lee from Indeed. Here is an opportunity to work for a renowned Decorator as a PERSONAL ASSISTANT. Send an email to [email protected] with the job title as subject.

Tara – Nov 15, 2020

Victim Location 76310

Type of a scam Employment

I found a listing for an administrative assistant position with Lee Jones Decorator on LinkedIn. I was then directed to the Lee Jones Decorator website to fill out an employment application. I was emailed by "Lee Jones" shortly thereafter stating that he was a professional interior decorator looking to cut down expenses by hiring an assistant. He stated he traveled a lot and would need me to pick up/deliver mail, run errands, etc. since he is out of town quite a bit. The first email I received, he wanted me to follow a link for an online interview but I never did. I received another email the next day saying I had the job but that I would need to check my email 2-3 times daily. I emailed him back, he emailed me twice more. The last email stated he had someone send me checks via FedEx (which he did, two of them, both over $1000 each). He asked me to deposit them into my bank account and then I could deduct my "agreed for a week salary". Fortunately I did not deposit these checks.

Mayra –

How did you find out this was a scam? I got hired by this person too.

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