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Jeffery –

Victim Location 29201

Type of a scam Employment

This company will hire you as a “client representative” and not tell you what you actually do until your 3-4th day. And what you actually do is man a the wireless kiosk of a sams club or Costco. They will tell you that your “base pay” is $400 a week, but don’t explain that you’re just making 10/hr. And it’s not a base pay. You either get your hourly OR you get a commission for your sales. Not both. So if you sell a bunch of stuff but don’t beat your hourly pay then the company keeps your commission. They entice you with very scripted language, like how you’re “over qualified” and you’ll get “promotions”. But the promotions are just a name change incentive to keep you from quitting and convince you to induct more people into this insane pyramid scheme.

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